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To Stop the Darkness

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To Stop the Darkness Empty To Stop the Darkness

Post  Animayhem Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:08 am

*Posted on the board at the Dohral College and Tivook message board.*

" A cleric of Rhenallathan and graduate of the college, Charia, is being held in a cave near Tivook Inn, proported to be the dwelling of an entity known as The Darkness.
It has also come to light, that the enitity feeds on a portal to the shadow realm though the location is unkown. Facts to the origin of the portal are mixed but it seems to have resulted in a wish made by Charia in the Tivook Inn. Having talked with two other graduates, Fen, who is a close friend of Charia, and Melinda, it seems Charia is staying a a result of a bargain made to free the two women.

It is my belief that mayhap the portal could be in the wilds close by the inn as that is a known haven for strange happenings. Awhile ago,that area was subjected to a planar rift, by which balors came through having been summoned. I am seeking anyone to help in locating this and to close it. Do not wait on me but if you do go and find it, post any information at the college and inn boards. If it can be closed, then mayhap Charia can be freed and this enitity banished.

I can usually be found at the Dohral College and messages can be left there."


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To Stop the Darkness Empty Re: To Stop the Darkness

Post  Valerion Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:38 am

*A small note was added written very clean and easy readable right under the note of the Person called A'rys*

"I may be of service in this, as for the freeing of the person named Charia, I dare ask, is there any knowledge of her daughter Shara? If yes she could be of great value in finding her Mother Charia over their magical or celestial bond between souls, a cleric would surely be needed to follow such a bond without doubt*

Sincerly...a friend.
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