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NEW XP system in place (modified the formula to improve the distribution of XPs - non-warriors will get less from combat than warriors, but not so stilted as it was before and 'less than pure' warrior PCs will also get less than the 'pure-at-rippin-yer-parts-off' er, I mean *coughs* 'hard-core-warrior'. Give it a whirl with a few of your PCs and PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK on if this is working for your builds better, and give me numbers please (xp, your level and classes and the monster killed) so I can get a feel for how it is working. Again, we will adjust this as needed.

Be well. Game on!
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Post Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:03 am  Valerion

As a small question, I do not really get the idea of reducing the combat XP for non combative classes I mean, what about Warmages, ehrm...I mean... Evocation mages.
I do not understand why mages get less expirience while they have limited combatant skills, I mean, isn't it a greater deed to grow if one does one thing he is not used to be rather then doing something than one is used to?

Or is thiis based so non combatant classes, do things...that give them more xp, I know of bottlemaking, potion making, to give xp, exploring...but that was it so far, scroll making, wand making and enchanting or smithing brought no xp to my wizard.

I am not complaining or so, I would just like to understand why there is a difference, and thanks for the fix now...the most creatures only give me 1 to 50 xp maximum at the moment....I even fought a secundus that only gave me 34 xp before.

Going to test and write down the xp I get from each monster killed.

So long,

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Post Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:03 am  Valerion

Well I promised to keep you posted so, here are some Monster XP Infos

Rugnin Herohammer

Bandit 54 XP

Bandit Chief 538 XP

Izzargator 1 XP

Bandit Archer 54 XP

Dwarf Mercenary (hard with a lot of HP) 538 XP

Dwarf Mercenary (weak) 92 XP

Nobleman 49 XP

Bugbear 92 XP

Bugbear Shaman 188 XP

Hill Giant 538 XP


Bugbear 77 XP

Ettin 633 XP

Rat 39 XP

Ogremage 226 XP

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