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Website UPDATE!

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Website UPDATE! Empty Website UPDATE!

RL has been very hectic the last several months and we have FINALLY gotten around to updating the website for our game world ( [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )... the update primarily includes a functioning DONATE BUTTON - so for anyone who has tried to donate in the past (unsuccessfully as we discovered the code from paypal had been disabled due to age/compatibility) or if you like our stuff and would like to help support us online, please do visit the web site and click on that DONATE BUTTON today.

I'll warn everyone here that RL is biting my butt bigtime... I am disabled, and, thanks to 'austerity measures' my meager monthly cash assistance (about $300/mo.) is being discontinued. This means I will have ZERO DOLLARS PER MONTH TO LIVE ON. Naturally, I will be totally unable to pay the hosting fees for the server any longer. I am honestly not sure how I'll be coping through this, but can assure everyone that I won't be putting money I do not have into operating the server. From here on in, if the server stays online it will be ENTIRELY DUE TO THE KIND DONATIONS OF OUR PLAYERBASE. The server is already paid up for a couple months but after that it goes dark without YOUR support.

If you enjoy ArgentumRegio, plese do step-up and donate, all proceeds go to defray the costs of hosting.

Be well. Game ON!
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Website UPDATE! :: Comments

DM Althaless

Post Sun Jul 22, 2012 5:06 am  DM Althaless

Thats terrible news, Just like that they can stop paying you?..Not even a slight decrease so you are able to find another source of income? I will help out any way i can however i cant donate due to where i am right now as you know, But if you or the staff need help in any other way let me know, Hope this doesnt affect you to much and your back in the game soon! good luck.

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DM Drachen

Post Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:25 am  DM Drachen

Very sad news. Argentum is one of the best servers I've seen, DM'd, and played on. Hopefully I can donate some. How much does the server cost to maintain every month?

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Post Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:05 pm  Orinai

indeed, question of the year, whats the mark?

is there a way to raise the amount needed through other means? (like allowing advertisements and other such clever internet money making ways?)

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Post Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:24 pm  GM_ODA

I am looking into turning some advertising banners on the site - this forum is a 'free forum' and so has its own banners on it and nothing for me to make revenue with ... so advertising revenue from is the only option.

I'm going to talk to my providers this week and try to negotiate a better rate, we've been with them forever and I'm sure the hardware has paid for itself several times over. I'll post the new negotiated rate when I get it. ATM it is about $70 per month.

Be well. Game on.

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