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Sometimes I gotta wonder...

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Sometimes I gotta wonder... Empty Sometimes I gotta wonder...

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:47 am

PLAYERS, bless you all, I love you. Really. I do.

I'm usually willing to work with ideas that are not uttelry conflicted with the module to date, to accomodate and also to foster growth in certain areas where I feel growth is needed.

Recently, with a PLAYER's assistance we've begun fleshing out the dwarven clan of the eastern lands. Also, with PLAYER assistance, we are begining to flesh out our 'not-really-the-UD' areas which will form the core of the 'not-really-the-UD' module we release soon on our 'not-really-the-UD' server (when it is ready). Some volunteers work out, some don't. Eh, such is life. One that did not work out (mainly because they wanted all three members of their 'guild' to have lv 40 and have me import their own built areas - and heaven forbid I guess I just am not fast enough for them - they got impatient and perturbed). Not that you get everything you ask for, this is an existing module and I _might_ allow things that fit well. Anyway, those perturbed fellows are off seeking to build their own world to their own exacting standards; good luck - and I mean that.


DROW DROW DROW - We will soon be opening a new server for our 'not-really-the-UD' stuff, and want to test that by having DROW explore the areas and begin to 'settle' the region. This means a GUILD for each family that participates and an opportunity to RP your family to greatness.

GUILD MEMBERS for existing and new guilds.

WANT TO BUILD FOR US? we have a few areas that are needed - including:

TRIAD-CAVE, GOBLIN territory verging on KOBOLD territory verging on TROGLODYTE territory means the borders shift and the fight is on-going. Ask me where to start it and you can build from there.

MORE AREAS NEED BUILDING, if you are honestly interested, ask me and I'll share the rest of my nebulous list with you.

Be well. Game on.
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