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Death Of 10 Children

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Death Of 10 Children Empty Death Of 10 Children

Post  NecropolisV Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:33 am

People by now surely have heard that upon a gruesome day, 10 children and a few adults were brutally murdered by negative magic. Many would have considered it perhaps nothing special, but the gruesome detail was that each of the ten children had their hearts cut out, the hearts were not found. One of the children almost got away and got as far as outside the inn in Tivooks crossing and people outside watched horrified as a shaded figure concealed in all matters of protective magic killed the child in full view, then proceeded to cut her heart out in front of all watching. The figure then dissapeared entirely and was not seen from there on. Investigations have no lead on who it might be other than he is surely a necromancer. His intentions for the hearts have also not been discovered.
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