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For DM Nightshade!

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For DM Nightshade! Empty For DM Nightshade!

Post  NecropolisV Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:17 pm

Im requesting an event with Marie the Queen of vampires, vilindilieth has always sought a way to rid himself of disease, of the fragile shell of a mortal, he sought power, and most of all he sought immortality, he fears the day he meets an eternal end, his past has been ridden with watching the humans he usually surrounded himself with die of age and though he knows he will live a long time fears and knows that the day he too will die will approach. Hes made friends(if you could call it that) with current vampires and has seen interesting things and has witnessed the strength of them. He recently was bitten but not infected by a vampire, two actually and felt "sorrow" of a form that he had not, he had never thought of going down the path of the stalkers of the night, he knows they are powerful, he knows they are immortal, he knows they are numerous, and that has given him the motive to finally seek vampirism. I know the race is currently under work but i think i can bring some fun RP with the race. His plans for after he becomes a vampire if the DMS want to discuss then i sure will! just some of the plots involve other PCs and if they can view this post then i dont want to spoil anything. Athena said that she might mention me to the Queen(Vilindilieth does not know who that is) and Vilindilieth though confused had just been bitten by athena(Not infected) and knows that the queen must be related to vampiric area. Here is some info on Vilindilieth, also some have suggested lichdom to me but ive never been interested in liches much so im not gonna go there Razz

Name: Vilindilieth Felilendil
Profile I play him on: Necrodude
Alignment: CE
Level: 16 wizard
Race: Elf
School: Necromancy

Vilindilieth as a young elf was raised by an adoptive family of humans, his real family he had never known. He grew over the years and by the time he was old enough to go on his own his parents were old, sickly and eventually he watched them die even under his care. From then on he would seek ways to make himself immortal fearing his own death after witnessing it done by age firsthand. At first he attempted ways through magic, he became a powerful necromancer but only found one solution: Lichdom, Vilindilieth however despised liches as he found out that reason he was adopted was because a lich had murdered his elven parents. Vilindilieth for a time thought his attempts useless and was even considering lichdom when he met the race that finally offered a solution though he hadn't considered it: Vampires, he knew two of them as they had been the first people he met in the lands of Dohral, and they had not shown any creulty. He met Niena who Vilindilieth found himself naturally attracted to. She at one point had been inflicted with vampirism, for the time vilindilieth despised such but overcame it and even saw it as a gift! No aging! No disease! Power! There it was... all he had desired in his youth.. right there the answer showed clear. He let the idea go dormant and eventually forgot about it however, as his studies in magic became more and more deep. He had made friends of a sort with Vashan and made an enemy of the paladin Adrasia. When it finally came to blows with adrasia vashan sided with her and vilin felt betrayed, he knows he cannot defeat the paladin as he is, and later was bitten by a vampire who did not infect him and then even later another who did the same.. the events brought the idea of vampirism back.. he knew then that with the power of a vampire he could possibly defeat adrasia and put vashan in his place.. he defeated him once in magical combat he could surely do it again garuenteed with vampirism.... Now Vilindilieth is left with the words he heard last from Athena "Perhaps ill mention you to the queen.. she would sure have fun" And he awaits eagerly the time when he will finally have the power.. the immortality he needs to claim his vengeance and achieve the goals of his youth.. finally. he would master his necromancy in the best state for one: Undeath Eternal
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