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New Neighbors - A Growing Family

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New Neighbors - A Growing Family Empty New Neighbors - A Growing Family

Post  Moonchild Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:34 am

Strange happenings are afoot in Tivook these days, it seems, if the recent flurry of activity by the river is any indication.

A human teen, wearing an orange robe and nearing adulthood, has seemingly settled into the area, and she apparently brought with her some many-eyed companions of varied sizes and colors. Young and wild, and more often dirty than not, the girl can often be seen around her new territory teaching the smallest of the creatures, whom she appears to dote on endlessly, the ways of the land and life with the help of a larger variation of the being. Of course life isn't always about working, though, and the odd group seems to find or make plenty of time for entertainment and laughter, playing in the grass, chasing each other about, or swimming in the cold waters in between hunting and patrolling their new home.

Meanwhile, a small ring of scorched stones hidden within a dense copse of trees south-west of the road has marked the place as a frequent camp, and the tread of small feet has begun to flatten the fauna along the footpath to reach it. The site already is beginning to show signs of prolonged use, as a portion of plant life seems to be much flatter than the rest, as if repeatedly squashed with a bedroll, and a section of ground near it reveals repeated attempts to construct and deconstruct a tent. Here the strange family can be seen at nights, with the female human holding the smallest oddity in her arms with a smile, a bottle held near it's mouth as she growls back and forth with them in a variety of tongues. However, there are things they need she can't provide directly and must trade for, so when she's not around, the larger of her companions stays at the camp and tends to the little one.

//Prinny C and others are welcome to interject if their actions affect any of this (ie. Mnark)//
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