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Post  GM_ODA Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:55 am

Recently, there have been some PLAYER/DM issues on the server - and many have written to me indicating that they are unhappy with the OOC drama that has become center stage.


Yes, I am getting rather weary of it.

Lets start here - there is a bug in the EXPERIENCE POINT SYSTEM - erin has located the problem and we will fix that ASAP. If you see some PCs level at a high rate, this is possibly the problem. We will fix it asap (read on).

PLAYERS - Do not argue with the DMs on the server, this will only get your account marked as a troublemaker. If you have an issue with the game or a DM, bring it to the forum where you can OOC discuss the issue and where I will gladly moderate. If you find a bug, report it. If you are believed to be exploiting a bug there will be repercussions of a sort you may not enjoy.

DMS - Take it down a notch. Do not go overboard.

EVERYONE - We have, for a long time, been a server in 'beta test'. The server is huge, the scripts are sophisticated and complex, it takes time to first FIND the bugs and then time to determine their cause and correct them. Erin and I are convinced that we are very close to removing the 'beta test' designation from the module quite soon. As we make this transition, there will be needful changes made here. We ask all our DMs to remember, some of our PLAYERS have been here a while and they have worked hard to help us ferret out the remaining bugs - some of these PLAYERS are quite used to playing in this way which may not be 100% RP focused. Some of our PLAYERS do routinely travel the 'newer' areas and seek to expose bugs (I think some of them go there to kill monsters and blow off RL steam too).

Understand, this is a labor of love; that will end if you all make me grow to hate it. Take a deep breath. Step back a little - take in the whole of it; it is a game. Play it, enjoy it, have fun with your friends. . . but let us not make this into a thing that is no fun for the people who work so hard to bring it to you.

Valerion, for your necromancy oriented PC - please refrain from playing that PC until I get the new update on the server - it will include some of the new areas where your PC is being held, will open some new RP and adventure vistas (and will need an experienced tester to quickly knock out any of the rough spots).

DMs - I love you folks, we rely on you all to keep the place vibrant and feeling 'alive'. You generally all do good work - that said, we can all improve a little. WARN the PLAYER if you suspect bad behavior, take time to discuss it in the forum, try to keep such discussions off the server or in an OOC area.

EVERYONE - some of you are abusing the portal system a bit, using monster names or similar to portal directly to monsters in far away areas... if you are doing this for any purpose other than testing newish areas then now is the time to stop. IC named portal locations are fine to use, like Tivook, or Parasowel, etc., but refrain from using monster/item/placeable designations to travel around as this is OOC tag use. If you are engaged in testing areas for us, please post that to the DM channel before you go to such places - our DMs will not think you are cheating or exploiting that way and we can avoid ugly misunderstandings.


Department of Bad News:

Under normal circumstances we update the server twice a week. These are not normal circumstances these days.

Several years ago, my desktop machine crapped out on me - and I was unable to get parts to fix it. For that reason I switched to using my notebook (Acer Aspire One with a tiny 10" screen) for all my building. My vision is not the best and that screen is tiny, so I don't miss it terribly, but the system died about two weeks ago. I am unable to access about 99% of my builder resources as well as the most up-to-date version of the module. Sadly, I never scraped up enough money to get an external drive to dump all that important stuff onto for safety.

I am presently engaged in trying to diagnose the issue in the hopes that I'll be able to fix it. But for now, until I do, I have no system on which to build / edit the module as this system is my internet system running only linux - and configured to run nwn in linux only. I will get through this as fast as my very limited resources allow. As soon as I can do so, I will get the updates happening regularly again - but for now, I'm dead in the water ... please be patient with me, I'm disabled, impoverished and stressed.

Be well. Game on.
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