OOC chatter in the middle of RP

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OOC chatter in the middle of RP

Post  BobbyBrown15 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:34 am

This has been eating at me and other people for a while. While i do not mind OOC chatter, i would prefer it not be right in the smack dab middle of RP, whether it be a complaint or some random comment out of no where that leads to a 10-15 min long OOC discussion in the middle of an RP. If you have a complaint and cannot wait, send it as a tell to the peron(s) in particular and do not interrupt the RP for everyone else. I will not name any names but this was brought on by a certain incident and I am finally fed up with it. I don;t like my RP constantly being interrupted by random OOC chatter when this is as we all know a RP server, and at any other time i don;t mind OOC. In the middle of RP however is not the time for it.

as others have said, my 2 cents

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Re: OOC chatter in the middle of RP

Post  Absol 13 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:05 am

Yes totally guilt of random OOC-ness in the middle of RP so... sorry everyone X(
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