Ship related bugs

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Ship related bugs

Post  Elgate on Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:54 am

Rather than try and report each individual bug during the game I thought I'd post these here as they're all interrelated in one way or another.

I think many people know that the ships are quite usable yet and for those wanting to get to Brandolay or Vestalla they should use the portal tags of the same name. However those interested in seeing where the boats might travel here's a few things to watch out for.

So far all ports other than port donnel, with a working ship, will lead to one of the lost islands- always. You don't even wait on the ship like you do on the ship from Donnel, rather it's an instant transition to the lost isles. ODA has already explored with me some on the lost islands so knows of many of the bugs connected to that islands, so I won't go into more detail.

The ship from port donnel has many interesting things that can happen to it, but suffers any bugs itself. The main one being that it never seems to ever reach it's destination. I've got as close as 5 knots away from it's destination, and then the ship started to go backwards it seems, as we kept getting further and further away until I gave up at 115 knots. Other times the ship seems to loose count, and when you ask the Cap. how long you have left he speaks about maps and sea monsters. When this happens there seems to be no other option than to port of the ship.

The dream/nightmare event appears to work, except on one occasion where as soon as I 'woke up' and returned to the ship, the dream/nightmare happened again, and again, and again. There also seems to be a correlation between the ship loosing count of it's distance after the dream/nightmare happens.

The 'sea monster attack' (Spoiler: Purple worm) Is difficult to hit and appears to disappear before being killed, and if you have the misfortune of being swallowed by it there appears to be no escape (I tried using and attacking the underbelly but neither worked. I lacked firewood to try and light a fire- not sure if I'm simply missing the solution.)

As the ship is one area, if any of these bugs occur for one person, it seems to affect everyone else after, and certainly the same character (I think due to clever tracking, which is intentional).

If you swim away from the ship, 1 second cutscenes happen after every round.

All of the ship purser's dialogues have blanks in them where they seem to try and 'get' information but can't find it, so the ship's name, destination, so on, is missing.
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