elimental disarmers in sewers low level area

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elimental disarmers in sewers low level area Empty elimental disarmers in sewers low level area

Post  MUF DVR on Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:17 am

I was told that the sewers were the first fighting are till I came up against a elemental and OMG at level 4 it disarmed me.

I just don't think disarming should be done in starter level areas just my thoughts.

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elimental disarmers in sewers low level area Empty Re: elimental disarmers in sewers low level area

Post  GM_ODA on Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:18 am

The upper region of the sewer is good for lowbies to hunt in, mostly rats, some spiders and a few large insects. You _may_ need to flee if you encounter too many - or better, party with others of similar level. The lower end of the sewer is not safe for lowbies, it is a functional part of the city sewer system. Here some large water elementals are busy at work, ordered to 'force all the sewage out to sea through some small diameter pipes." This includes the "lumpy bits", and the elementals, not smart, view the PCs as just more "lumpy bits".

Unlike other servers, you are allowed to flee encounters here. Our spawns are cleaned up automatically so if you are 'out gunned' do flee, come back another day or ponder an alternate route to your goal. You are not required to kill your own spawns here.

I hope that helps. Be aware that there are no rails here, so your PC can get in over his/her head. Be wise about what you take head-on, and what you seek other advantages against, or even flee.

Be well. Game on.

P.S. Note that until after level five, the dying system is 'nerfed', and respawns cost nothing. This helps with the 'crunchy' levels.
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