A Theater?

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A Theater?

Post  Raising_Cain on Mon May 18, 2009 9:46 am

I figured that this could be the starting area for bards, mayhap? It could be a place where bards are told everything there is to know about bard-ing, and how Bard Song works, and being told about the schools, and give little hints to people as where to find them. If I'm right about schools, maybe a Theater in Dohral can have a representative from each school at each one, give a small rundown of their school's art, and have them do a small quest, with the reward being directions(put in your journal!) to that school. To everyone else, considering how bards 'know everything', maybe they can give little hints as to almost every quest in Dohral, and directions... For a price. Then, of course, there can be player-held productions in the theater, with maybe some lighting tools that are controlled by levers and pulleys somewhere in the theater--and maybe even a backroom for members, with refreshments and costume-changing-mirrors, after the show is done. In doing this, the theater could probably also be used as a player-owned and run guild, giving ownership to the person who will buy the theater.

Just maybe the beginning of my class-specific beginning areas for a small rundown of class-related tutorials and beginnings--I'm thinking about a Grove, for Druids and Rangers, a perpetual camp for Barbarians, a Jousting Arena for Paladins, and a Mage Tower for Wizards/Sorcerers(Two, if it's Mages vs. Sorcerers!), and maybe gypsies(not a class-specific area, just because gypsies are cool << ).
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Re: A Theater?

Post  GM_ODA on Mon May 25, 2009 12:50 pm

We are currently testing an 'open stage' at the inn in Brandolay. It also features a test of a stageplay system. Let me know what you think. Must visit Isle of Brandolay to see tho.

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