We need QUESTS!

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We need QUESTS!

Post  Elgate on Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:13 am

D&D and RPG games revolved around being able to do quests, and being able to Roleplay with friends while doing it. Quests are the life blood of a world. 

Now, in PnP, there's always a DM to keep you busy. But on an online world you cannot rely solely on DMs. Dms can't always be around, can't keep coming up with ideas and fuel- if you put all the responsibility of quests on DMs, you're going to end up with stressed DMs. DMs should be responsible for the bigger events, and adding flavour through npc interaction.

Argrentu Regio does have some quests. Simple 'Go fetch and find this person' quests. Which, actually aren't all that fun. I gain no new information about the world, or entertainment, nor RP opportunities. There are other quests, but they're hidden, or broken, or vague enough to be near impossible to do. I've played here a long while, and haven't found any 'real' quests.

And that's a shame, because quests are great! You can use them to reveal more lore about the world, create a feel for how things work, drop hints about how to do things!

Even something like " The Tragush Goblin clan has been harrasing travellers on the West Road again- I'll give a copper for every goblin ear collected, and there's a reward if you can retrieve a package of silk that was being transport to Humfoodale."

We get to know: 1)That particular clan of goblins name, 2)That this is a common problem, 3)That silk is being transported to Humfoodale. Further more, in the place where you find the silk, you might find other goods robbed from transported- maybe even illicit goods, or personal items that belong to a NPC you could track down?

If we can think up some quests that are redoable (So not as to create the issue of 'Huh, I wonder why that knight keeps loosing his sword to those goblins and isn't dead yet'.) and a system that works, that would help a lot. We need something to give players purpose, and something to work with, rather than just letting them get lost in the wilds in hopes of finding something to do.


  1. Make 'guild' type quests. Everyone loves a good odd job mercenary guild style of quest giving. PC driven guilds are great, but much like you can't rely solely on DMs, you can't rely solely on players. Set up jobs for thieves, missions for clerics and paladins, investigations for druids and rangers, and so on.
  2. Level based quests- as you level up, tougher and harder quests become available to you. This can be used to drop hints for new places to explore or things to look into for  higher level characters.
  3. Progressive quests- if data can be saved saying that a PC has completed quest 1 in a particular line of quests, that could be interesting as well. That means when the player comes back it's not just 'Go kill those goblins' again, it's 'Good work with those goblins, you showed skill. I'm sending you to deal with lizard men bothering the gypsies'.
  4. Double sided quests? If there's one side of 'Go steal this' or 'Go kill this', maybe there can be another side where it's 'go protect this'? As in- a thief would get the quest to go steal Lady Ella's diamond necklace. A guard would be given the task of guarding the necklace from thieves/tracking it down (to an NPC fence). Those poor lizard folk get a lot of trouble for living near those gypsies- maybe for those who are allied with the more 'savage' races they get 'go help kill those damn mercenaries killing out scouts'. Or maybe a diplomacy quest (for bards!). This fleshes out what are generic monsters and quests.
  5. DM activated quests-maybe some quests need a DM to check to see if the player has succeeded in something. This means the DM isn't needed the entire time, but that this quest gets more attention. Or it could be something like a quest giver saying 'Go put up a sign advertising our inn- make it sound good!' and a DM will check to see if there is a post on the bulletin board or forums before giving the PC a 'task done' token.
  6. Quests that require a party- this encourages RP. Maybe the quest giver says 'You need someone with this (class)'s skills for this quest' (encouraging players to use the different classes) or 'This is a tough job- you're going to need at least 3 people for this one.'
  7. NPC's on quests? Whether it's escorting, or you've been told to bring them as back up, but you can then use these NPC's to give lore on the situation or area (Say you speak to them in a certain area, or while on a certain quest, they'll have a different conversation to explore).

We need to work on fleshing out what we have, and helping players along. There's secrets and lore to find galore, it's true- but so difficult as to find, that new players aren't assured when you tell them 'It's not just an empty area, you just have to look!'. 

These quests will also give incentive to explore- mostly events happen around Tivook, and no one really cares about Humfoodale or Esrogoth, and the dwarves are all but absent. 

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Re: We need QUESTS!

Post  Ragdoll_Knight on Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:18 pm

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Re: We need QUESTS!

Post  Animayhem on Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:35 am

Yes. I suggested awhile back. Gives people something to do either solo or with a group. The quests could be ways to learn more about this place.
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Re: We need QUESTS!

Post  DM Althaless on Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:53 am

Guys just catching up on the threads in here,

I did mention this to ODA a while back at which point i said i would take control of the Highguard and the Guild that associates with them. Sadly ive lost the module i was building on due to upgrading my laptop and not creating backups like a total retard however quests are something i will work on. And not the type we currently have. Once ive cemented the idea and tied in with ODA on what Lore, NPC's, Rewards, etc we can use (Lets be honest the ways we can run a quest in this server are immense) Then ill give you an update. As of next week im free from work and will get this started. Ideas as always welcome and submitted to myself via PM Wink

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Re: We need QUESTS!

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