Crafting - Does it work correctly in regard to non caster-classes?

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Crafting - Does it work correctly in regard to non caster-classes?

Post  eve_of_disaster on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:53 am

I have two characters who both have really high crafting skills. One of them can make extraordinary items while the other can't. I've been testing a bit back and forth and while my mage character has no advantage skillwise to my cleric it's clear that the mage can make much better items simply because the system tells my cleric that she has to remove items for it to work, even though I know she has the skill to make them. I have the craft wand feat and I have +10 from being elven and I have the epic skill focus in craft weapon which puts Te'lyn (the cleric) at a total of 88 in enchanting (at level 33). At this time the skill is far from maxed out and I could also make it slightly higher by wearing intelligence-bolstering items. She also has high spellcrafting - over 30 and a lore skill nearly as high. So knowledge wise I don't see why she couldn't handle it.
Simple levels in a caster class seem to make up the only difference between these two characters and I'm wondering if this is not something that could be changed or at least explicitly be read on a sign whenever your character who isn't one of the mage classes attempts to take skills and feats that clearly doesn't benefit them. I know I can probably ask for a relevel, since having the epic craft weapons feat and the craft wand feat seems useless for my character but I'd like to bring up the system to question first, to get feedback on this. Is enchanting supposed to be class-specific like this?
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Re: Crafting - Does it work correctly in regard to non caster-classes?

Post  Ragdoll_Knight on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:02 am

I also have an Elven Rogue who cant enchant, finished the college and have +4 to those skills from INT, so I should be able to manage even the most basic enchantment, but the table always says that i must remove items as it would be too strong. I can even close it with just the item i want in it, and it will say I need to remove items
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