Improved Load Screens

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Improved Load Screens

Post  AdaonGP on Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:45 pm

Here is a suggestion that will help all players, but especially new ones. The load screens always display text beneath the image that gives some hint about NWN gameplay. This is helpful to people who haven't played before, but I have a feeling most people joining the server this late in the game's lifespan have probably had the game for a bit. If it is possible to change this text, it would be very helpful to change it to Argentum Regio - related info. If it is not possible to change the text, then at the very least the images themselves can be edited in photoshop to include superimposed text with the same tips.

Just imagine how helpful this would be to someone who hasn't played the server. Just going from the OOC start zone to the tutorial zone is 2 screens, by the time they get into the city and go through a couple of areas, they've seen six, seven, maybe even eight of these load screens. The screens can be populated with info such as;
-Adventurers often congregate at the Tivook Inn, a short ways north of the city of Dohral.
-Want to take a dip? Use runestone on self when near water's edge and select Swim > Out to take a dive.
-Rugged classes, such as (classes here Razz) can rest anywhere. Others need to start a campfire and set down a bedroll.
-Mushrooms in Argentum Regio have a number of interesting effects. Some can be very good for your character, while others can be deadly.
-Interested in enchanting, smithing, woodworking, or herbalism? Take a class at Dohral College in South Algrada.
-Portals, such as the one next to the Prince of Parasowel Inn in Mid Donnel, can be used to make long-distance travel much easier.

Little tips like these can be used to help new players get started, remind players of things they've forgotten, help people acclimate to the unique server systems, etc etc. I think it is a small improvement that would pay off in a huge way for the server. And yes, I'm volunteering to do this if you guys are interested Razz

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Re: Improved Load Screens

Post  Eriniel on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:02 am

All good ideas unfortunately there is a little problem:

The Load Scene tips are a list of StrRef text (loadhints.2da) , so they work just by showing lines in the dialog.tlk file and the CEP additional tlk file on your computer. Its possible to change the list on the server that will have it load any line from either tlk file. However the text would have to be some preset line which as you can see the problem with that.

Images like TGAs (The Compressed Image Format used in NWN) are also locally loaded files.

So to change either a custom local file is needed in some way.

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Re: Improved Load Screens

Post  GM_ODA on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:06 am

"Simple minds think alike,
Great minds come to the same conclusion."

Very Happy

I'm sure we're the latter btw. Very Happy

We've discussed making edits to those but they require a special HAK. We do plan an OPTIONAL HAK for PLAYERS later, which will include new voice sets and more, but that is a little ways down the road from here.

GOOD ideas btw! Keep sharing them please!

Be well. Game on.
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Re: Improved Load Screens

Post  Ragdoll_Knight on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:19 am

This idea, is the best idea ever. I'll even suggest to include rumors in the city transitions, or into and out of busy inns (as you would be walking around, hearing things) or things someone would know as "common knowledge" like how the sewers work maybe, or that Dohral is on borrowed land? Things about the world, history and such
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Re: Improved Load Screens

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