Current Bug List that I think are fixed but need checked

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Current Bug List that I think are fixed but need checked

Post  Eriniel on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:53 pm

Bugs by number

Eavee reports as Evil, but is good deity, should be in good deity temple (north most temple in area Tivook - South Western Wilds)

#16 (same area, check deity alignment to temples)
Southwest Temples evil temple is neutral temple dedicated to Ogbarad

Dohral Chonda Port - in feldrhaud inn gives wrong room keys.

Monstrous manor in Vestalla. keys wrong room

Do Woodworking classes work?

Dose the dry wood from the campsite just north of North Chonda vanish about 1/2 hour after leaving area with it?

Combine two crafting components at an anvil.

Arena - South Bolovin
A PC v Monster. i have stood in the designated area for a while, and it wont fire the script to spawn a creature

#108, 253
Temple of Finshi in North Algrada, can enter and leave area via door?

Are placed ropes climbable?

Tithe to Temple altars takes money?

Pokihandesseonth Cacti is damagable/harvestable?

Vanimouth flower bush has leaves in it?

High Priestess of Gameter has a male voice set?

Hidden Nests give eggs?

PC wash in baths removes skin color? (obviously need test pc for this that dosn't have default skin color)

HTF runs faster indoors

Repair damaged items via placing in anvil...

Armorer NPC dose not return items that are apparently not in need of repair?
(make sure you have a DM online when test this so they can take them from the NPC's inventory if it dose keep them instead of returning them like it should)

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Re: Current Bug List that I think are fixed but need checked

Post  saibotxor on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:03 pm

#76 as far as I can tell, woodworking and smithing classes work for turning raw materials into workable materials, however are not added to rolls after that ie; turning material into components, turning components into finished products.

#99 didn't work a few days ago

#167 didn't work this morning

#246 didn't work as recently as last week, will be sure to try again next time I find a nest

#303 was still running fast this morning

#330 still tells me I lack the skill on a character with 25 craft weapon, 20 craft armor, and crafting license

#261 washing Ruby, blue tiefling, in bath, didn't remove blue skin color. However tiefling still logs in as balor, then becomes dwarf after several seconds. Also wings are placed in small of back rather than shoulders.

#108, 253 entering temple is possible through door, exiting is done through transition placed over door, door itself is nonfunctional inside.

#48 monstrous manor seems to give correct key.

#91 seems to work as intended.

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