Pregnancy of werecats

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Pregnancy of werecats

Post  autokilla on Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:54 pm

Hello, was just wondering if there is a way for a dm to help linetta and cadoc, our werecats, to have the babies sometime before tomorrow is up so i have more time for it? after tomorrow school starts again and i really don't wanna have the kittens on a school day... thanks for considering this Very Happy

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Re: Pregnancy of werecats

Post  Eriniel on Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:42 pm


Changing the 'due date' is Risky but doable..

Stored on the female cat's runestone is the quest time counter.

Its an absolute value of minutes since start of pregnancy.
Pregnancy lasts 10 game days,

I'm not sure if its an absolute counter from the start of the quest or a continuing counter as this depends on if the PC has any active timed quests running or not.

##GetVarInt QuestDur

On runestone,

If this number is greater than a few thousand:

.... Add 14400
.... and enter the result back in (NEW-NUMBER)
.... ##SetVarInt QuestDur NEW-NUMBER
.... On the runestone will increase the current used days by 10 days.

If the number is less than a few thousand then just set the variable to 14400:
.... ##SetVarInt QuestDur 14400
.... On the runestone will set the current used days to 10 days.

Either way the cat will instantly go into labor at the next PC save character interval. (so an unspecified number of seconds after this variable is set)

As each unit of QuestDur is a game minute, 60 would be 1 game hour (RT I think is 8 minutes)

Bear in mind I have never changed this setting before, nor had need to.

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Re: Pregnancy of werecats

Post  Animayhem on Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:17 pm

The reason why it was asked, her due date changed. Charia used her rune stone it showed 7 days the after a battle, it went back up to 8 days
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Re: Pregnancy of werecats

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