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Tsully- True Hero

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Tsully- True Hero Empty Tsully- True Hero

Post  Animayhem Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:23 pm

In front of the mercenary guild there is a monument of marble which has been commissioned. it reads:


No braver man or truer friend.

You will be missed. Your sacrafice not forgotten.

May you find peace."

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Tsully- True Hero Empty Re: Tsully- True Hero

Post  Valerion Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:04 am

*Adrastia would stand at the next corner eyeing the marble monument, her eyes hard and stern while a smile forms on her face. Slowly she walks over, a sortiment of flowers in one hand, an amulet, closer inspected identified as a Medal of Valor, that shows a man in full armor, shield raised against a flame while behind himself three people cower*

"It is true, a man of honor and duty, a man of valor to go into his deaths for others.
A hero how he should be in the eyes of Finshi, you will never be forgotten by us.
Your death, will be avenged."

*She then murmurs a prayer in Celestial as she lays down the flowers and attaches the amulet onto the monument with a large band of silk. As she rises, and stands....she salutes, and returns to her waiting men and women around the corner*

"Come my brothers, come my sisters, come brave servants of Finshi, we have a entity to imprison"
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