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IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance

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IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance Empty IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance

Post  Elgate Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:31 am

Now before I go on, I want to make clear I am not getting at anyone. Nor is it a " Come on guys, you should know this post". I'm not aiming this at any particular player I've RPed with so far, and I don't want this to turn into a finger pointing blame contest, because that's not the point of this post.

What this post is meant to do, is draw attention to how difficult it is to keep IC anger and OOC anger separate. If a Character really annoys you (They're too evil, they're too good, they hate your character, etc.) that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad RPers, or that they have a problem with you the player.

This is difficult. I know I've felt plenty of times when I've wanted to strangle a Character for being so annoying and I felt angry at the Player behind them too, in a "Oh for fudge sake, do you have to make them so frustrating?!". This particularly goes for when that Character doesn't work well with your favorite Character for what ever reason.

This can also work in reverse where you feel that the other players at angry at you, for something your Character did, because they're Characters are ganging up on yours: This particularly goes when you have a Good aligned Character in a group of Evil aligned Characters and vice versa, because obviously these two alignments are never going to agree. When you really get into the game it's hard sometimes to separate yourself from the Character enough to remember the anger aimed at them isn't necessarily aimed at you. I remember playing a character (on another server) who, frankly, was a really annoying git. Even I wanted to punch him in the face sometimes. But that was the characterization I had for him, I had reasons and with time I was hoping to develop him as a Character and make him wiser and less of a jerk. Except he opened his mouth too many time in a DM event, and earned him the hatred of all the players and DMs present and was insta-killed by one DM just to shut him up. In that situation I couldn't help but feel they were being unfair to me, the player. I wanted to tell them all, "Hang on a second, you're all being really intolerant of me here, I'm just RPing my character as he's meant to be". Unfortunately, that was the first character I had played on that server (I wanted to try RPing someone less perfect, or likeable, than the Chars I'm used to RPing) and I got kicked and banned. Yikes.

What I'm trying to say is don't hate someone OOCly, for how they're RPing they're Character ICly. Send a tell to lighten the OOC tension, or make sure the other player knows that this is just what your Character thinks/does/wants, and not what you the player is, just to make sure the other player isn't accidentally growing a grudge against you. Or if it's a case or RP style, remember that not everyone has the same styles or practice- some Players are a lot younger or newer to the RP scene than others. Not sure if you can remember your first character, but if you can I'm sure you might cringe or laugh at them now. My first char was the 'ultra, super, cool shifter (I like shifters, if you can't tell Razz ((but have only RPed two...))) who was of an unknown race and was amazing so pay attention to me because I'M A DRAGON RAWRGARAWG'.

RP styles is something harder, because it's not just accepting that that's how the Character is, it actually is something to do with the Player behind them. This get's tricky, because you can't just send a tell going "OI, you, what the hell?" or try and tell them what they did wrong without sounding like you feel better than them. Sometimes this just has to be learnt by example. I know I'm still learning and I'm not perfect, so how do I get off telling others how to RP? It might be easier in some circumstances where you're not comfortable RPing something (extreme violence, things involving children, things of a more adult nature) and you can just send a tell saying "I'd rather not RP this out" and maybe choose to say it happened, but not RP it happening, or dismiss it all together. Or if you're on the other end, sending a tell to ask "It seems to be going in this direction/ my Character would probably do this in this situation- are you okay with RPing this?"

Maybe, if you feel like it, you could post some general RP tips here, but remember not to target anyone. OOCly, we're all RPers and members of this server, so why can't we get along? Very Happy (Sorry if that sounded sappy. Put too much sugar in my coffee this morning) If there is something that really annoys you, take a deep breath, remain calm, and explain why. I'm sure we all find rants missing punctuation to be impossible reads, so obviously they don't work at transmitting a point.

Hope I haven't made anyone feel targeted, and that I haven't just spewed a load of garbage.
But now that's over, let's continue the game!
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IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance Empty Re: IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance

Post  GM_ODA Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:57 am

*applause* *cheers* *whistles* *applause*

Here here!

Please, do try to keep it civil as PLAYERS. Please do your best to work through any issues you have mutually BEFORE you start making the ADMIN's life more difficult than it already is.

KEEP PC STUFF BETWEEN PCs and, yes, let us all do try to be friends, or at the very least, respectfully civil.

Be well. Game on.
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IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance Empty Re: IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance

Post  Shadowtim3 Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:06 am

*Applause with ODA.*

YAY! Someone who makes sense!
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IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance Empty Re: IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance

Post  Animayhem Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:09 am

*clap* Well said.

Stay in character. The secret to good rp is to play a character you feel comfortable with. I think what gets many people in trouble or come accross as bad rpers or irritants, is that they choose a character they have not used or really studied. I would reccomend maybe playing the basic campaigns or one of those builder modules.

There are wide variety of cultures and religious beliefs here and some of the creatures/characters here go against some beliefs. This aspect is where ooc really needs to be kept in check.

Understand that this is fantasy and many play characters here to escape the stresses of life. Understand there is a mature factor here and that some races more amourous than others and for the most part in this regard people have been keeping it out of public.

Try to keep your characters layered no matter what their alignments are being too extreme on either side limits interaction.

Also a big reminder to those who play many characters, try and avoid the instant switching. Even if one of your other characters may be better suited, it is an opportunity for your current character to grow. The only exception I could see is if there is an event and the dm requests one of your others.

Also if something in rp is happening, and I do not feel comfortable I try to have my character in game rp express that. For the most part observant players understand. However if they do not I will send them a tell.
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IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance Empty Re: IC, OOC, RP and Tolerance

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