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A Gruesome Sight To See

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A Gruesome Sight To See Empty A Gruesome Sight To See

Post  wolfbran Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:17 pm

Everyone walking along the road west from Tivook will see five dead bodies of men from the Hunters Association with flies buzzing around them. One man is on a boulder by the road in a droopy sitting position, stripped of his armor, face eaten off, with a note stuck to his head, which reads "I'm coming for you." on it. Obviously, this note is intended for one or two of their superiors. Tufts of white wolf fur is strewn about the gruesome scene, along with a couple silver weapons. All the other men seem to have died from deep canine bites and slashes from great big claws.
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A Gruesome Sight To See Empty Bounty

Post  DM_Dekkar Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:53 pm

Somewhere in Tivook territory, a camp is set deep in the forests near a great waterfall..

The Knight Hunter Alexandros and the Hunter Reaver return to the camp bearing minor wounds upon their armor, "Been a while since we had to deal with a werebeast this vicious.. Doesn't scare away as easy as the others." Reaver states, Alexandros reaches upward removing his helmet from his face and holds it at his side. "He's naive' and dangerous, however - mercenaries aren't trained for this, waste of money." Alexandros barks before sitting down infront of the fire. Reaver sets his shield upright against a tree and leans against it before nodding and speaking "Think it's time we roused them then, eh? The White One already claimed two of our hunters and taunts our very name, we shouldn't underestimate him next time" Alexandros nods in agreement and bellows "So let the hunt begin.."with having said that , he begins to write a message on a parchment, he then folds it and clips it to the leg of a black Raven whom flies off into the night sky spreading the word.

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