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Suspicious deliveries

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Suspicious deliveries Empty Suspicious deliveries

Post  Valerion Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:20 am

Several wagons loading supplies, food and barrels with unlabeled content have been seen in Dohral, nothing special, when asked where they go to the men who loaded and drove the carts simply snarled or shushed most people away or just answered with a short "Whereever that wizard tells me as long as the pay is that good".

Some rumors go around that the wizard is Enflavious Dulendale, some others say it is a new unknown mage that wants to inhabit the Tower in Tivook, some others say it must have some connection to the wizard Valerion, specially since he was seen meeting with dwarves in the Eastern Citadel, negotiating about deliveries of digging tools and excavation specialists.
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