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Dwarven Lore

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Dwarven Lore Empty Dwarven Lore

Post  Hacatsu Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:49 pm

Dwarves average four feet in height, with squat, broad bodies, making them excellent, and mostly, fighters/warriors, but some do not follow that tendency.

They live mostly underground, that's where their mining skills come from, and by doing such a rough work, they have strong bodies and a stonecunning, that is a great search skill in underground areas, so having a dwarf in your team if you pretend to go cave-dwelling is a must do. For their good constitution, they are quite the alcoholic drink tasters, rather for ales.

They are rivals with goblins, orcs and giants alike, whom they fight for domination of underground areas, which they have an common interest.

This is a common lore almost anyone knows, so anything that you might add would be nice, not much is known about 'Da Dwarrrves, especially in the world of Aldohral  Smile 
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Dwarven Lore Empty Re: Dwarven Lore

Post  Elgate Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:09 pm

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Some of this info is a tad bit outdated (or needs a little patching up to make it flow), but this includes both DnD lore on Shield dwarves, Gold dwarves and Duegar (which as of yet I am unsure exist in Arg-reg?) and also some local lore- like clans.

The basic info is:

Most native dwarves are Shield Dwarves in Arg-reg, with only a few Hill (or Gold) clans existing (possibly this is also a reflection of Shield dwarf supremacy- it's harder for Hill dwarves to make a successful clan theselves).

While The current modules are technically all dwarven land or dependent upon the dwarven 'kingdom' dwarves are not as common as humans. Some dwarves begrudge humans that, and are angry that they have less power in their own lands then they once did. But at the same time, they depend upon the trade and labour brought in by them.

There are 9 'major' clans, 5 of which (I think) are part of the current module areas, the other four being local to bordering areas.
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