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Slight issues/bugs

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Slight issues/bugs  Empty Slight issues/bugs

Post  BenevolentDevil Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:58 pm

Climbing trees ... climbing is no issue, but it still allows you to get hit by creatures on the ground ( like ants) ... I also think, doing so negates any dex bonus to AC, and forces flat-footed , no tumble bonus meaning easier to get hit.
Makes sense cause you can't move around, but did not think such was 100% intentional, Ants could climb, but should have to climb too, and get same AC negations. Wink

We found a non-working/linked Area Trans in the Maze ( just a reminder.)

EE fog issue ... I wasn't that far away from the goblins/hobgoblin shamans , but barely noticed em due to the vision blocking fog EE produces.
It's -almost- like fog of war, when weather is "foggy" , it seems to double it's effect. I don't think there's anything server side that can clear that up ...
I got surrounded by Trogs the same way ... I wasn't paying attention to moon phase, stepped out the inn to fill my canteen at the well ... it looked clear as far as I could see, next thing I know, I get STR drain, and attacked by trogs surrounding me. They were probably there already, I just couldn't see em through the fog, and did not use "tab" at the time.
I'm just saying so, so you are aware there is a slight issue there.
Monsters and DMs don't seem to have this visual blocking effect ... I don't understand why Beamdog decided to have it different than default NWN fog.
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