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First time players LOOK HERE!

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First time players LOOK HERE! Empty First time players LOOK HERE!

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Welcome to ArgentumRegio!

NOTE we host both NWN and NWN:EE servers. To connect to the NWN server, just use 'direct connect' option and provide the server IP :   - to connect to the NWN:EE server you can use the in-game server menu OR direct connect to IP : - NWN:EE players please consider the STEAM service from valve as a quick and easy way to get the CEP haks installed for NWN:EE only.

Imagine a world where your PC can swim, squeeze-through tight spaces, climb, jump, swing on ropes and even fly.

This server delivers all this and more, features keyed to your PC CLASS, LEVEL, RACE, SKILLS, FEATS, LORE and more.

When NWN was newly released, this module was conceived, BUILDER lore had it that stable multiplayer servers dared not contain more than 100-200 Areas and thus this module was planned as one of sixteen interlinked modules. As luck would have it, we discovered that the NWN game engine itself was very stable and all we needed to do to maintain stability with insanely high Area counts is to BUILD smartly and script efficiently. We did that. Now, the module is 1337+ Areas, feature rich and stable as stable gets.

DO NOT LET THE SIZE FOOL YOU, nor should you fear it. There is NO LAG here on the server end, as our scripts are optimized, and our modern server is located in a secure data-center with redundant power and Internet connections, it is provisioned with a robust processor, large fast hard drive and ample memory. This LINUX machine has experienced as much as a full year between crashes, and the crash this author caused by not properly testing his code (naughty me, I won't do it again).

FINDING OTHER PLAYERS is easy here... the 'beaten trail' or Areas frequented by entering PCs are modest in number, while having so many Areas to explore means your PARTIES don't have to constantly bump into other PARTIES in dungeons – there is plenty of space to explore, all logically assembled. Inns and other restful locations are scattered about the lands in good number and well-trafficked Areas. Resources needed for camping are likewise to be found (most often just off the 'beaten trail') so your PCs can 'live off the land' if you feel it necessary – though this may precipitate its own dangers in your path.

This module includes:

   All of the city of Dohral, a port city featuring enough space that a rogue can get properly 'lost in the place' (and a functionally designed sewer of 100+ Areas total), the city is made to 'feel smaller' by means of a Magic Carpet system, and everything is easy to find thanks to the Ghost Guide (located at each Magic Carpet Depot). Space for PLAYER Owned Housing and Shops are still available in the city, and the College of Dohral is available to help get your crafting skills up to the task needed.
   All of Tivook province through which all land access to the city of Dohral must travel, this is home to the Inn (also named for the province) at Tivook Crossing, where the three roads meet; from west to Humfoodale, east to Esrogoth and the Eastern Citadel, and south to the city of Dohral.
   All of Esrogoth province with Tivook province, is split in two by the eastward-flowing Zeethan river with roadway essentially that crosses both provinces following the path of the river although along the south bank. The road connects Tivook province with the Eastern Citadel where much of the various goods brought into the ports of Dohral are traded with the dwarves for their silver, ale and the craft their kind are known for; armor and melee weapons.
   Large portions of the Howling Mountains, most of which dominate regions north of this module are included here, these include the region of the Eastern Citadel, the lake of the same name, and the rough terrain east of Dohral and west of the Illfaw Fen.
   The Illfaw Fen a place of mystery, a dangerous region where many adventurers vanish and rumors of ogres emerge from the muck and mists!

In the region as a whole, the dwarves control the mountains and this is the place where their kind trade with those of the world above. The surface is wild and what lay below are secrets the dwarves are keeping. The northern tip of the Illfaw Fen is the southeast extremity of the module's "main run" (additional Fen will be added in an 'adjacent' module in the near future). All in all this is a vast contiguous group of more than 380 Areas - the sort of space a BARBARIAN, DRUID, RANGER or similar 'outdoorsy' PC can appreciate; full of herbs, abundant monsters, clues to more troubles and room to move!

The module also features locations including the Isle of Brandolay, Zenisle, Vestalla, Andre Isle, Weglub Isle, several Lost Isles, a few Tidal Flats, numerous inland caves, the Feylands, the Maze and Trolloch (a vast and deadly place). Suitable for 1st through 40th level characters. The module is of broad scope with NO RAILS so be mindful that your PC or PC group can get in over their heads if they do not behave sensibly (e.g. a party of first levels seeking information about a dragon).

Adventures exist here for all levels of PC, solo or in parties of up to ten. There are a number of features that distinguish this work from others – some of which bear mention here. First among these are the style of mapping; most maps are built to be contiguous in nature, abutting edge-to-edge, where most other modules are built in a vignette mapping style. In typical vignette style module building, the builder only builds the 'interesting' parts where particular scenes are planned to occur. In contrast with the vignette style of building, this module follows a mapping convention that allows for the complete mapping of a region. The DM is then free to make any part of the journey the 'interesting' part, and tension can be built up by having ... nothing happen, at times.

Other features include :

Many enhancements for each character CLASS (RANGERS/BARBARIANS/DRUIDS can track, scavenge for food, hide in trees, more) - each CLASS has been boosted with minor 'rounding out the class' abilities. Come see why your favorite CLASS is better here!

Flying, swimming, climbing, jumping, swinging, squeezing through tight spaces and more!

We've added over 110 spells, most from the original DND games (mostly version 3.0-3.5 stuff), including WISH, LIVOAK, JUMP, SPIDERCLIMB, FLY, MASS FLY, WATERBREATHING, BLINK, TELEPORT(several), SCRYING, FORCECAGE, MOONRUNES, WALL OF FORCE, WALL OF ICE, WALL OF STONE, DISINTEGRATE, ALARM, POLYMORPH OTHER, and many many more. We add to the spells too on a constant basis, so our game evolves and newly discovered or re-discovered lore enters the game from time-to-time. Spellcaster PCs can actually RESEARCH new spells here. Crafting is deluxe. Many small adjustments were made to allow some CLASSes, especially WARRIOR classes to command soldiers (not like NPCs but like soldiers).

Systems are in place to give FIGHTERS a +1 on any melee weapon equipped. Allowing nature classes to track, find and use hidden trails, scavenge, more.

Paladins and others can Detect Evil, spellcasters can Detect Magic, and scry (anyone can detect Scrying - sometimes).

There are other added features such as ROGUE use of windows (open/close/lock/un~/break/peek/listen/enter), theft of placeable objects (think artwork), GRIFTING, EXTORTION, and more. We have smokebombs you can craft too!

Druids and shifters are given additional forms and forms are worth having as they get abilities commensurate to the creature. Examples include wolves scent tracking, felines resting in trees, penguins being exceptional swimmers, and more. Yeah, did I mention we have swimming? Jumping? Climbing? Even filters that limit entry by size, so being a pixie means you can SLIP THRU THE BARS OF A PORTCULLIS OR GRATE. We have some subraces like Drow, Vampires, Lycanthropes (the latter two are contagious too), and others.

We take requests on subraces, and can turn them out with surprising speed (one fellow asked about a subrace on Sunday and was testing it the following Monday). Alas, there are more fine details to discuss, perhaps you'll visit and we can dialog on some of the features? We love to get feedback, it helps us broaden our perspectives. Please come share yours? The action is fierce, the RP intense, the setting amazingly detailed.

Come see for yourself why this is one of the most immersive RP PWs around.

Hope to see you online. Personal tours by request.

Our forum [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Wiki [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Web [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] WEBSITE ARCHIVE

Server (24x7)

NWN:EE server

This is a Neverwinter Nights server quite different from others. Compiled here is a list of things to check out to get your bearings and get a better understanding of the server.

What is ArgentumRegio?
ArgentumRegio is a unique Neverwinter Nights server that utilizes the CEP and scripts to enhance the base NWN experience and build upon it.

Do I need anything to play on this server?
Yes. The required hak is called CEP (The Community Expansion Pack) that can be found at this URL

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

NOTE you can use any CEP 2.1 or more recent to play here.

Why would I want to download all this stuff? Why not just use vanilla NWN?
NWN is great and the people who create everything for it are amazing. We decided to not use just NWN because CEP has many new and useful things in it that nwn just didn't have and really enhances the experience of every player online and makes the events that are created by our DM's much more diverse and entertaining.

I want to post on the forums. How do I do that?
You may post on the forums after the account you created has confirmed via e-mail. Also please make sure to read the rules for forum posting.

Is there anything going on? How do I know when a DM has an event?
There's nothing like the ingenuity and surprise that a DM brings to the table in Neverwinter Nights, so DMs are encouraged to lead events for players when their schedule allows. Players can check the forum calendar to see which DM is running an event and if there are still slots available. To find the calendar, look at the row of little buttons underneath the forum picture [which, isn't there yet Sad].  IF YOU WANT A GAME ON A SPECIFIC DAY/TIME ask a DM by posting in the GENERAL forum and interested DMs will reply.

Please feel free to browse the forums. If you are so inclined, also feel free to post under the General Forums section to let people know who you are. The System Guides section has information on the major information of Argentum Regio and can really help out a new player if your getting stuck with something.

If you are experiencing game related problems that are not mentioned on those forums and there's no DM online, just post in the ASK A DM section for help, and a DM will help you out ASAP.

And also as a side note, if any of you have recently joined us and have got any files in your override folder that isn't needed for this server, these may impact on PC creation, and thus the PLAYER EXPERIENCE from first login.

So please double check after any crash or major errors to make sure that it's not these overrides that are causing it.


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