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"Extermination quests"?

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"Extermination quests"? Empty "Extermination quests"?

Post  Helthan Sun Oct 21, 2018 11:30 am

So, as we all know the areas aound Dohral and Tivook are often swarmed by goblins, or trogs. Sometimes worse. There's also the lizardmen in the caves in northern Tivook.

So, I birthed an idea a few days ago. What if there was some kind of quest to deal with these monsters, that yielded xp rewards?
Like, the monsters I mentioned above could drop some kind of token. An ear, a tooth or something, that could be turned in for a small xp reward for each item. It could give players a reason to deal with the hordes, and make gaining xp a tiny bit easier.

It's just an idea though, but I think it would be neat Smile
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"Extermination quests"? Empty Re: "Extermination quests"?

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:02 pm

If Helthan doesn't mind , I' d like to kind of ... take this idea, and maybe refine it a bit further?

Now I kind of despise Fetch quest myself. So I don't really want to have to go "gain 50 goblin ears" packed into my inventory , to return for a one shot quest award. Thats just me of course.

Instead, some NPCs around maybe, that deal with variables of such things.

My idea behind it is ... ok, you can get to a level where goblins ( at least in the caves ) aren't a problem, OR even if they still are, only give out 1xp a piece, best case scenario. But * spoiler* , you go through gobbo caves to get to trog caves , which Might generate a slight bit more XP depending on your level ...

Since creatures like goblins and trogs for example, are nuisance pest ... maybe there's some sort of regional-wide "bounty" on them? As in trying to cull numbers, even though they rapidly breed worse than rabbits? so, there's a "buy off" for those brave enough ... or dumb enough, lol to do so?

Instead of "gain-x" amount o fears, teeth, ect ... in the inventory and script drops, and bleh .. have more like a "variable" that represents such items , possibly a random if you gained 1 or not while "culling" or "exploring" even, then later you can go to NPC that deals with that set ... he will reward in a better XP return than actually fighting the 1xp a piece gobbos for example.
Or maybe a choice of Xp, item , or gold?
That way , one trip .. could yield up quite a few "bounty variables" , or even if encountered on roads after dark, slowly build up over time.

I think this would give further incentive/reward for actually exploring and looking for places myself. It makes such "worth doing" if your level or CR is up enough, you avoid going for the 1xp a creature award.

Gobbos, trogs , Orc, Lizardmen, Slaadi , Assassin Vines ... all just around Tivook area I know of, that would fit into this theme.
Trolls are off-plane, so maybe not so much those, or in "deep places" *wink* as they are not out and being a direct/threat or nuciance that I know of.

Just an idea, but I'm glad Hel started it for sure.
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