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Raventail Blacktalon

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Post  Raventail Blacktalon Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:57 pm

As more information is revealed, I will update this.

Name: Xhai'agh Tien "Raventail Blacktalon" Auvry'Ath
Race: Half-elf (quarter elf (presumed drow), quarter unknown (presumed demon), half human. )
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks mid-twenties.
Area of origin: Faaaar to the north, then moved to Termes, and is now here.
Skin tone: black as pitch
Hair colour: Unknown (always wears a hood)
Eye colour: Unknown (always wears a hood)
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Weapon of choice: scythe

She mainly keeps to herself, but that is not to say she's the quiet type. Get her drunk or get to know her and you can bet she can be as rowdy as the best of them. Do not mistake her for being shy - Raventail Blacktalon is not shy, she just does not care to socialize idly. She's not afraid to utilize violence wherever possible, but she's not stupid enough to pick fights she has no chance of winning. Due to her very dark humor, many often think she's constantly in a foul mood. However, the opposite is true. The more twisted her jokes become, the better the mood she is in.

To say she's had a hard life would be a slight understatement. That being said, it is also important to note she cares not to dredge up her past, nor does she bother to dwell on it too much. She's sealed her heart and has moved on with her life, so it would take a lot of trust and a lot of prying to be able to get her story out of her (and possibly a lot of booze) - and the trust is probably where the plan falls through. She hardly trusts herself anymore, let alone others.

Her hobbies include slaying and pillaging, fighting and looting, killing and brawling and taking and getting more rich. When she is not doing this, she's very likely either sleeping, eating, or drinking. Definitely drinking.

Despite her lack of education, her mind is very logically inclined. She can very easily make heads or tails of a situation as well as find solutions to certain problems through the use of logic and logic alone. She can't find the x in your fifty character equation and she doesn't know how rainbows are made or why punctuation is necessary in written languages. But she can wrap her mind around any details you throw at her, and to her, that's all the mind power she'll ever need.

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