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The Isle of Vestalla

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The Isle of Vestalla Empty The Isle of Vestalla

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:21 am

The Isle of Vestala has seen better days, though none lately. The isle, given to the Knight Stewart the Fellhand by his leige Lord Adarnanemar for his steadfast service and years of loyalty. At the time, the isle was wild and somewhat sinister in character, but the brave Knight Stewart was certain of his ability. He set forth to tame the isle to his hand.

Bringing many soldiers and craftsmen to the isle, along with livestock, tools and supplies, the Knight-Lord Stewart and his entourage set about establishing a camp. Within two years, this had been expanded into a modest fort, warded by the Knight-Lord Stewart and used as a base for his forays into the island interior.

Within a decade the fort had become a modest walled village, and beyond the village walls could be seen fields cleared from the thick near-tropical forest of the island wilds. Still, the Knight-Lord Stewart was perplexed, having slain countless monsters on this island, he was convinced that there were something amiss here, since the isle never seemed to lack for dangerous monsters no matter how many he might slay nor now often he might venture afield.

Seeking the answer to this conundrum, the Knight-Lord Stewart Fellhand met his end braving the quest of the island source of the monstrous beasts.

His family continued both to enhance the settlement and seek after his quest after his death, but the island seemed to turn even more sinister with the Knight-Lord Stewart's departure and the settlement and indeed the family's numbers ultimately came into decline.

Not long after the death of the Knight-Lord Stewart did the commoners face increased depredation and hardship. This has lead the family, in the subsequent decades, to slowly abandoned all attempts at farming on the island and ultimately withdraw into a fortress, the core of the original site. It is from this place, in the family home (Monstrous Manor), that the heir currently operates his home as an inn and the fortress as a base of operations for those adventurers who care to visit the isle and her 'attractions'. It is with the proceeds of this operation that the place has been able to afford certain upgrades to the fortress, making it (at least) secure against intrusion of the monsters.

ADVENTURERS! Come to the Isle of Vestalla!

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