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Runstone 101

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Runstone 101 Empty Runstone 101

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:23 am

The RUNESTONE is a marvelous multi-purpose object.

Currently online are:

(Target your own PC with a spell from the RuneStone)

Use Nearest Window
All ROGUES and ASSASSINS have the option of using the nearest window from the outside. This is currently only set up in a few places: Justice Inn and an Inn in Chonda Port.

Anyone with Concentration skill can meditate for a while slowly restoring HPs.

Climb Nearest Tree
All classes have the option of climbing up the nearest tree to them. If the tree is within range of 3 meters the PC will climb the tree. From there it is possible to use projectile weapons. To get back down just use the RuneStone on yourself again (can be done by targeting portrait at top right of screen)

Check Status of Equipped Gear
Displays the wear and tear of your equipment, so it gives you an idea of when to get them repaired. (Time to go see the blacksmith if they are low)

Wizards and Sorcerers, same as on Rest Menu.

Pray for Blessing
Clerics, also same as on the Rest Menu.

(Target the floor with a spell from the RuneStone, Spell 'Long Range' works best)

Dwarfs have this option to search stone for tiny discrepancies in the work. Thus allowing them to find hidden stone doors and passages.

Wilderness sense
Nature Class PCs can detect things in nature, such as a concealed paths, flowing water. Animal friends can also detect foul water if they are within smelling distance.

Commune with nature
Druids, same as on the Rest Menu.

Tracking Ability
Ranger, same as on the Rest Menu.

Detect Evil
Paladin, same as on the Rest Menu.

Inspect potential mark ability
Rogue, same as on the Rest Menu.

Detect Magic
Arcane PCs can sense the magical weave in an area. This allows them to sense other spell casters, magical items and devices. Other things and creatures are detected depending upon your specialty school (chosen on first level of Wizard)

After first time to initialize, it will then allow you to jump to the location you targeted. Assuming it is within your jumping distance, or else you will just jump as far as you can in that direction. Monk's flying kick - jump targeting floor near the opponent, knocks opponent down with damage.

Rogue's lock picking additions
Some tricky locks can be bypassed with the right tools... Failing that you can always try the Acid Flask...

(Target any other PC or NPC with a spell from the RuneStone)

Make Disguise (NPC target only)
Rogue and Assassin Skill, works by Craft Armor.
Attempt to make a disguise so you can appear as the target person. Some NPCs are easier to mimic than others.

Grifting (Conartist)
Persuade skilled PCs can try to con the target, (Works the same and for all purposes can replace the Grift tool - looks like a Ying-Yang)

Light Fingers
Pick Pocket skilled PCs can try to pick the target's pocket. (Works the same and for all purposes can replace the Light Fingers tool - looks like a Ying-Yang)

(Target a container with a spell from the RuneStone)

Hide in Object
PC will climb inside object and wait there, you can get out at any time by using the RuneStone on yourself. Same as getting out of the Tree.

(Target the RuneStone itself)

Customize Tool Feats
This allows you to assign various RuneStone or Rest Menu commands to the PC Tool Feats (these will be added or removed from your PC depending on what you set in here).

(Target any item other than the RuneStone)

Crafted Item Options
This appears on any item you have crafted. It allows you to set the name and description for the item.

Coming soon to the RuneStone:

Running Jump,

Pole Jump (Equip a pole weapon before jumping increases jumping distance)
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