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A friendly chat (between Ronja and Sinistra)

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A friendly chat (between Ronja and Sinistra) Empty A friendly chat (between Ronja and Sinistra)

Post  Ronja Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:30 am

Ronja's face was lit by the candle on the desk as she looks up from her paper. She puts away the quill and offers the lady Sinistra a smile as she enters her chamber. The lady was dressed elegantly as always. Ronja could not help to be a bit jealous, the lady seemed perfect in every way, but most of all she was pleased to see her. The lady had always been so nice and pleasant. She always enjoyed their conversations and could not help but to be proud that the lady would spend time with her, a simple barmaid.

Sinistra offered a friendly smile to the young woman as she closed the door behind her. She noticed the sketches on Ronja's paper. Symbols. She recognized the insignia of the goddess of love. Also names. Ando and Ronya. Sinistra grinned. The barmaid couldn't even spell her own name right.
'How are you doing, Ronja?' Sinistra's voice was calm and comforting. She approached Ronja and stroked the back of her head gently as she sat down beside her.

Ronja let go a sigh. There was something about the lady. She was always so nice. She wished more people could be like her. So caring and compassionate, so warm and friendly.
'Hello Sinistra' Ronja smiled. 'It is good to see you... well... it is always good to see you' Ronja wished she was more clever with words. She always had a hard time to find the right words. It was as if words kept hiding in her mind when she needed them. 'I...' She paused, embarrassed. She had done it again. She started the sentence before she knew what to say. And in the company of lady Sinistra. She bit her lip as she tried to focus her thoughts. What was that perfume she was wearing? It smelled really nice...

Sinistra let her hand slide along the back of Ronja's head and gently let it rest on her shoulder. She leaned forward giving the girl a soft and warm smile while she applied just a hint of force on the barmaid's shoulder, making Ronja turn unconsciously to face her.
'Is there something on your mind?' Sinistra asked invitingly.

Ronja smiled. That was part of the reason she liked talking with Sinistra. She was not bothered by her clumsiness with words, and she was always willing to listen to her. Even when she was rambling on about all the people she had met at the inn and what they were up to, Sinistra always listened attentively and asked her questions about them. She had been hoping to talk to someone about Ando. About the blessing from the goddess of love. There was none better than Sinistra.
'Well... I have met a nice man called Ando...' Ronja beamed as she let the words rush out of her, it was a good feeling. Like opening a door in the mind and letting go of all the pressure.
'… he is a knight. He wears a shiny armour an everything. Oh.. and he is very brave, he even fights demons. And he is an angel now! ...with wings!' Ronja took a deep breath, looking at Sinistra. The lady looked back at her. Her eyes focused with interest as always.

Sinistra nodded, encouraging Ronja to continue. She had found the barmaid to be a good source of information, and the recent appearance of angels had her worried.
'An angel? Oh dear... I am sorry to hear that' Sinistra said with a deep concern in her voice. Human emotions were like masks for her to wear whenever it suited her.

Ronja's eyes widened, she looked at Sinistra. She had been troubled by the fact that the man she loved had turned into an angel, but hearing the concern in Sinistra's voice her doubt and fears grew inside her. The lady was so wise, if she was concerned she was sure it must be something wrong.
[i]'What do you mean? What is so bad... about him being an angel?' Her voice was quivering and unsteady, unable to hide her concern. She had been very worried. She just didn't know why she had been worried. Sinistra knew something. She was sure of it.

'I am sure it will work out just fine' Sinistra comforted her. It was a balance. She had already sowed the seed of despair, she had to maintain her role as the barmaid's comforting confidant. She knew it would take more to put Ronja's mind at ease.

'No, please tell me what is wrong... please... I need to know'. Ronja knew it had to be something terrible. Something so dreadful that Sinistra hesitated to tell her. She knew the lady cared for her and just didn't want to upset her, but she needed to know the truth. The relationship with Ando was important to her. Perhaps the most important thing to happen to her, ever.

'I am just concerned for you my friend' Sinistra said reassuringly. ' I do not want to see you get hurt.' She paused for a moment as she watched Ronja's fears and doubts torment her. 'Angels are not beings of this realm, they are not mortal. Such beings have a habit of playing with mortals as toys. They can not be trusted.' She gave Ronja a friendly pat on the shoulder before she left. It didn't hurt to tell the truth once in a while. As long as it was properly dressed up. After all, she herself played with Ronja's like a little girl plays with a doll.
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