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Ando Davis.

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Ando Davis. Empty Ando Davis.

Post  Hideyoshi Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:51 am

Name: Ando Davis
Race:...lets see.. Human..then this demon thingy....then like and angel/demon thingy...vampire... back to angel/demon thingy... then a sprit..
Gender: Male
Love Life: Ronja. Too no end he loves Ronja A LOT!!!

Human Life: (let me remember it all later)

Vampire Life: (..working on it)

Back to human!!: (...soonz?)

Dead...: (muhahahahaha!! still working on it...)

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Ando Davis. Empty Re: Ando Davis.

Post  Ronja Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:03 pm

Name: Ronja Ravenfield
Race: (only) human
Gender: female
Love Life: She is carefull and afraid to get hurt, yet easilly flattered.
Familly: Her familly live as farmers in Tivook

Ronja is a simple barmaid. She is afraid of everything that is dangerous (such as badgers). She is very emotional, and although she may appear a bit dimwitted, she has her own kind of logic to try to make sense of the world. She is proud to have accompliched her dream to become a barmaid. Her familly is also proud but also concerned about this. In her work she meets lots of adventurers (who although brave and courageous, a much needed resorce to protect Tivook and all that... often are a bunch of selfrighous brigands, according to her dad).

Although Ronja is not the sort to go adventuring and solve problems, she has a nack for getting into trouble. Appart from this quality she posess the epic gossip feat and hide behind someone big and strong skill. Her strategy in combat is primarilly to scream and run.

When tales of bravery are exchanged she tends to listen with awe. She may even contribute her own epic fight with a badger (witch ended in a tie, the badger kept her shoe and she got away unhurt).
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