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A small parchment

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A small parchment Empty A small parchment

Post  Orinai Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:08 pm

a small parchment can be found circulating the city of Dohral. it reads;

Wanted: Ioun stones of any kind.
Will buy. Will trade.
i am a skilled smith looking to obtain these rare stones. I am able with an enchanting table and can craft something of a custom taste if that is prefered. I have crafted items to trade as well, as my knowledge of forge and mystics have grown. Also, i would be willing to trade other Ioun Stones.
if interested, contact me via courier. I frequent Tivook Inn, Trader Nick's in Port Chonda, and generally can be found around the College in South Algrada.

''signed in a clipped writing"

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