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For the Inquisition

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For the Inquisition Empty For the Inquisition

Post  Valerion Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:39 am

*A slight grin crossed her face as her stern look met the small troop of skeletons and lesser demonic beings east of Tivook, it was almost a tenday ago when she received the scroll of the Inquisition, rumors had spread that a greater demonic being has been freed and they wanted her to investigate and report it as soon as she got any evidence of its xistence and any knowledge of what it is and how dangerous it is...since then she met a lot of lower creature in her travels, she did not meet anything like demons or undead...but that seemed to change now, her grin grew broader as she grabbed her greatsword, nodding to the other four comrades in faith and duty before she...the paladin of the group, screamed*

"For Finshi and the Inquisition! CHARGE! WAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

//OOC: Small introduction for my Paladin Character and want to be Inquisitor Adrastia.
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