The Realism Knob - Turning It Up To "11"

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The Realism Knob - Turning It Up To "11"

Post  GM_ODA on Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:25 am


Some of you may be aware there is a way to use the RUNESTONE to adjust the game settings. For t hose of you not yet aware of this feature that controls features - it is activated by targeting your RUNESTONE with your RUNESTONE'S long range power.

When you've triggered this, a menu offering the following is displayed:

1) Role Play Level
1) [STATUS] Realistic Armor Damage/Repair
2) Customize Tool Feats
3) Acceptable Violence Level
1) [STATUS] Kidnapping
2) [STATUS] Permanent Damage
4) Misc
1) [STATUS] Use F instead of C for Temperature
2) [STATUS] Auto Emotes
3) [STATUS] OOC Divine Favor Bar
4) [STATUS] Moon Phase Tracking
5) [STATUS] Use % Instead of Bars

I am soon to add a new category under either 'Role Play Level' or 'Acceptable Violence Level' (I'm not certain which yet) - the new option will be "Infected Wounds", and the new feature is proposed to work thusly...

Each time your PC engages in REST scripts will determine if your PC is wounded, and if so, based on the type of wound the PC last received there will be a chance of infection. Wounds treated with an in-game 'bandage' item will receive a reduced chance of infection. Infections will weaken the infected PC, reducing one or more STR/DEX/CON/INT/WIS/CHA on a temporary basis. The fact that such infections will be possible in-game will enhance the value and use of the CURE DISEASE spell, and make items that have that power much more useful and valuable.

Remember, this is an OPTION - engaging it will make the XP flow a little faster, as does each of the added optional levels of realism.

In your comments please tell us:

How do YOU feel about the realism features, including this new one? Do you use the realism features? What NEW realism features would you suggest?

Be well. Game on.
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