Observations I found when running around by myself for the first time

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Observations I found when running around by myself for the first time

Post  sir_real on Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:35 pm

btw, great place!

Things I observed:
1) currently the intro area (after boat) is cold and you can take damage while NOT knowing what is going on. I died once while reading the NPC script conversation just trying to figure out where to go. I like the idea of cold & having to wear winter clothes...just not in the starting area.
you will turn people off who walk in & die once or twice.
2) Make Noob U more accessible. You currently have to wander around (in the cold) to look for where to go. Noob U should be the first door that adventures come across (or at least a destination on the flying carpet)...besides, you DO want to showcase your mods right?!
3) better stackables. At the start of the game I have almost a whole inv tab filled with platinums and gold bird thingies. I'd love to have money stack up to 100 for example. Same with runes, etc.
4) platinums and runes have the same graphic. There are lots of both in my inv and it could be frustrating to players.
5) I went through a few doors in the town where the boat drops you off at and in one of the stores was a storekeeper and lots of boxes. he didn't seem to mind I was looting and I wasn't sure (as a player or character) if it was ok to take things from the boxes.
6) I know you have MASSES of areas built into this game but the initial gamer is only going to see the first area (if you're lucky the first few) of your creation. It needs to be fantastic. In the first city (where boat docked) most of the rooms I went in had unreal estate signs floating about. These must be completed before players will even consider viewing all the things you already have built.
7) All interactive buildings in the city need a sign in front of the door. Some buildings are for show, some may just be unused but explorable. I'm ok with that but if it's a shop it needs a sign explaining that. Have a "For Sale" sign hanging in front of unused buildings so shop keepers / home owners can gradually fill in the city (and at the same time explain to players what to expect inside).
Cool Get things ready quick and open it up to players. The playerbase is definitely not going to boom any time real soon. The longer it sits the more chance of never having a player base. Work in Progress is always understood and encouraged by players.

This list may grow as I continue to play through the module. Please don't take this list as anything but creative suggestions. I think this is a FANTASTIC looking server that has sooo much potential. It's obvious how much sweat went into making this server. I really want to see it blossom!


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Re: Observations I found when running around by myself for the first time

Post  GM_ODA on Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:57 pm

THANK YOU! We really appreciate the 'first impression' perspective that observations like these give us. KUDOS.

I much agree with many of your points, details as follows.

1) Agreed, henceforth PCs will START with a warm cloak and winter boots in inventory, and be alerted to wear them as proof against weather.

2) Agreed, when Haggis is working correctly, he offers newbies either the dramatic entry (ship in a storm) or the practical entry (direct to Noob U.) I think Haggis messed up on your PC iirc, so please try with a new PC and let me know if it works right. I like the idea of Noob U as a carpet destination too, thx. Very Happy

3) Agreed. The coins you start with are 'loose in your inventory', but your PC has a 'purse' which we call the PERSONAL FUND. Use it to consolidate your loose coins, or to count out specific amounts.

4) no two items should be sharing an image, can you double check that in your PC's inventory please? Note you MAY have more than one pile of a given type of coin, but the images for each coin type and other PC items should be unique.

5) That is our new merchant system in final test mode, we have only one or two minor tweaks to do to it and it will allow haggling, and even shoplifting. At present there are about five of those new merchants in town, we will soon roll out replacements for all the old style merchants. Shoplifting? Basically take something from the containers and see if you get out of the shop with it (beware, you may come to trouble if you get caught). Very Happy

6) The city was built with allowances for both NPC controlled properties and for PC Owned Housing (POH). The 'unrealestate' signs are currently markers mainly for POH and a very few other special locations. In Port Chonda (where the ship docks) is a sailmakers shop, a ropemakers shop, Trader Nick Friendly's (new merchant type), The Tall Mug Inn (seedy tavern), a tailor shop, a herbalist shop, home/office for Voyanut's Voyages (transport for hire), a shipwright, a bank, and another tavern (the Frothing Mug I think). In the center of this area is a building, the location of a trading business - mostly empty save for the portside loading/unloading area atm. I _think_ there may be an unrealestate sign in that place, but I'm not recollecting any others in that immediate region. Maybe you can show me what you found when I see you online next?

7) I'm scratching my head here, I just now did a reset on the module as when I was playing a little while ago, I noticed none of the street signs were readable and some other signage had likewise gone awol. Very Happy I'll check it when it comes up again, not sure what caused that but we do put signs most everywhere (seem to have been on the fritz) - sorry about the confustion and THANKS FOR THE ALERT! I totally agree with you on this one.

*nods* I'm leaning toward taking the beta label off very soon, this place is more complete and bug / lag free than any other server I've ever seen (post beta). I agree totally, we need to really punch things up here ASAP.

Please do continue to add your observations, some will result in genuine bug finds, some will require some explanation of function, but ALL the feedback you give is helpful in giving me essential insight to what the PLAYERS will think. KUDOS. THANK YOU, please keep the honest feedback flowing, this stuff is gold.

More, I GENUINELY APPRECIATE YOUR SENTIMENT and kind words. We _always_ take offered evaluations and critiques in the 'right way' as the person offering almost invariably just wants to help communicate their impressions. You will never offend me with your feedback - pure gold I tell you, pure gold.

Be well. Game on.
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