Class Variant: Rogue - Alchemist

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Class Variant: Rogue - Alchemist

Post  DragoneyeIIVX on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:53 am

Alchemist -
Loss: Sneak Attack, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Rogue Bonus Feats (At level 10,13,etc).

Level 1 – Bomb
The Alchemist can create bombs that have different properties. The alchemist can make up to their Intelligence modifier of these per rest, but untradeable (or become inert after leaving the inventory of an alchemist), and the alchemist may only have up to (their class level) in their inventory at a time. The strength and effect of these bombs is detailed below – this is my attempt to come up with an open platform for “gadgeting.”

Level 1 – Crafting Pool
Efficiency in bulk! An alchemist has gotten so used to creating potions and wands that they have become almost second nature, granting a “subsidy” to their costs each day. An alchemist gets a pool of EXP (5 per level/ IG day) and GOLD (10 per level/ IG day) that offsets the cost of crafted materials. This pool can be stacked up to 5 times.

Level 3 – Bonus Feat: Brew Potion, Bonus Feat: Craft Wand, Bonus Feat: Scribe Scroll
Level 3 – Spell Emulation
The Alchemist may emulate arcane and divine spells for the purpose of item creation (scroll, wand, potion). Effective caster level equal to Alchemist level. Ability for an Alchemist to emulate a spell is based on their ranks in UMD. This does not allow them to cast spells, it simply allows them to craft items.

Level 5 – Wand Efficiency
Wands crafted by Alchemists automatically have 20+level charges, instead of the normal 1d20+level charges.

Level 10 – Poison Use
Level 10 – Craft Powerful Poison
Hey, all those times you wanted to justify making better poisons? Here you go! Lingering poisons. Wounding poisons. Etc. Not entirely certain what issues this server has had with poisons, but most do!

Level 13 – Bonus Feat: Greater Spell Focus: Transmutation
Level 13 – Golemancer
This idea is incredibly Arelith-specific, as we have golems that you can craft and summon. Since I don't believe there are golems here (perhaps there could be someday?), please suggest an alternative!
An alchemist can “Tinker” with a golem that has been summoned once per day. This takes 1 IG hour of no movement (the alchemist may still type) to complete. I have no idea what the bonuses could be – perhaps base it off of the various “bomb enhancements”? Perhaps the alchemist could get 1 point for every three levels to add to a variety of things – Strength, Dex, Con (+2 per point), DR (1/- per point), Speed (10% per point?), etc?

Level 16 – Gonneman
Another Arelith-specific one! There's a "gonne" weapon in Arelith that basically acts as a blunderbuss. Slow, medium ranged, high damage item that uses up resources quickly.
An alchemist can use their bombs in a gonne, doing normal damage of a Gonne plus the effect of their bomb (first bomb in inventory is used). Still requires a slug.
What I would suggest here is - instead of making it attached to a Gonne, change the effect of the bomb to be a cone, rather than an AoE ranged weapon. People could RP whatever they liked it being - gauntlet flame thrower, etc.

Level 19 – Tinkering
This stemmed from a general lack of variability in Arelith mundane equipment. Like the Golemancer ability, it would be interesting to see a character that could tinker with the currently existing properties of items. Perhaps changing AC to DR on armor/shields. I'm not entirely certain on how crafting here works, so this is majorly uncertain.

Level 24 – Staff-Craft!
Wands can be made without the normal level restriction (to a certain point, perhaps only level 5 - maybe up to level 7/Cool. They are untradeable, however, and thus may only be used by the Alchemist in question.

Level 28 – Unknown!

Bomb -
A handheld ,thrown, explosive (alchemist's fire-like) weapon that acts as an alchemists main “assistance” to an adventuring party. For every 4 levels in Alchemist that a character has + 1, they can add a new “enhancement” to the bomb. Adding multiple enhancements of the same kind stack, either by adding damage over again, or increasing the DC by 3.

Enhancements -

Explosive – 2d6 physical damage to all creatures in the area. No save, or reflex for half.

Incendiary/Vitriolic – Creatures caught in the area of effect catch fire/are doused in acid, dealing 1d6 damage each round for three rounds. No save.

Restorative – 2d6 healing to all creatures in an area

Overcharged – DC 10 knockdown effect (strength or dex check) on all creatures in the area. As Balagarns.

Intelligent – Helpful abilities on the bomb only target allies. Harmful abilities only target enemies. This may not be possible to script. Multiple ranks useless.

Noxious – All creatures in area make a Fort save, DC 10, or take 1d6 con damage

Tanglefoot – All creatures failing a DC 10 reflex save are slowed for 3 rounds.

Concussive – DC 10 will save vs confusion, 3 round duration

Disjunctive – Dispel effects in an area, caster level increases with multiple bomb ranks.

Examples -
Level 16 (5 points) – “The Grenade” - Explosive (4), Concussive Bomb – 8d6 damage + DC 10 KD
Level 24 (7 points) – “Tide-Turner” - Explosive (3), Restorative (3), Intelligent (1) – 6d6 healing/damage, only to allies/enemies respectively.
Level 8 (3 points) - “Flamethrower” - Gonneman ability using an Incendiary Bomb (3 ranks), doing 3d6 damage each round for 3 rounds to all in a cone before him or her.

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