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A few Sugestions regarding classes

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A few Sugestions regarding classes Empty A few Sugestions regarding classes

Post  Asimuth293 Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:47 am


Recently started playing here and its been fun, though i do have a few suggestions:

1: Give druids all the animal spells, for some reason Bioware decided that druids can only cast bulls strength..and i find that a bit odd confused
2: Give druids the natural spell feat, might have to make it so its a high to epic level feat though, as spell casting while wild-shaped can be a bit overpowered.
3: Perhaps add a druid/ranger spell like Foundation of stone, giving a +20 disciple/knockdown immunity while applying 50% movement penalty
4: Adding in the Assassin PrC spell casting abilities, as most of those spells are all ready IG.
5: Also if a list of changed spells and those added into the module could be put up, as that information is not readily available.

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