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Newbie Problems

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Newbie Problems Empty Newbie Problems

Post  Elgate Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:54 pm

Okay, here's what I've heard and noticed myself:

Dohral Night Life:
While I like the danger and mystery of the night terrors, for new players in the city it's a death trap. Especially the spectres. Would it be possible to script so that lvl hmm 8-10 and below don't trigger anything worse than rats and maybe hostile ruffians? Spectres are so difficult to kill, even for lvl 15+.

Fatigue system:
First of all, if the emotes are annoying you right click your runestone, choose 'unique power' (Not 'self only' or 'long range') and use it on the Runestone. Runestone on runestone. Click misc at the bottom of the menu, and then toggle auto emotes. Note that this will make it harder to keep track of HTF as you don't get any warnings.

Secondly.. as a shifter, this isn't a problem for me, because most of my forms are naked so the HTF goes very slow. But for classes that need to keep to regular gear, the HTF wears down fast. Is it possible to edit this to slow it down ever so slightly? while it keeps realism, I find it gets in the way of RP more than stengthens it.

We need a little ore info on deities- also out of the ones we have, can we have some to be tailored a little to work for certain classes? Do we have a deity of shadows and stealth, that rogues and assassin's might favour? I notice most deities do indeed have a class well suited to them, but rogues, shadow dancers and assassins seem to lack that generic god of stealth and secrets... And we need temples- and info on where to find that temple. I've tried adding what temples I know of to the Wikia I'm making, but the Wikia is a long way in developement and no one looks at it yet.

Deities are to play such a large role in Arg-Reg, so easy to navigate info on them (all of them) and where and how to worship might be needed.

We have typical shops (most of which do not work) but we need some more specialised ones. Shops that cater to specific classes. For rogues, theres little beyond the starting merchants.

Yes, most gear can be made in the college, but it makes sense to have shops for the less handy of us.
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Newbie Problems Empty Re: Newbie Problems

Post  Animayhem Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:35 am

All you have mentioned have been mentioned previously. Oda and Eri have been working in these bit by bit.

Oda has mentioned that it is about to come out of beta. If you check the suggestions forum(yes there is alot) you will see some of these issues addressed.
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