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Add enemies/dungeons

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Add enemies/dungeons Empty Add enemies/dungeons

Post  anntari Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:46 pm

I spent over an hour searching around today for something yet I found nothing.

A large part of D&D is the roleplaying, yet also the dungeons. NWN and D&D both focus around dungeons to progress through the story line, gain levels and improve skills.

Dohral may have a few dungeons here and there but I can't find anyone who will point me to one(PC or NPC) and I cant find a thing wandering idlely about the massive(yet very nicely made) maps this server has. Ive gotten to the point(and in my personal experience seen) the only way to get XP, find enemies or explore is to get a gathohm rod.

Thus my conclusion is that a way to find the dungeons in exsistance, more dungeons or more enemies wandering idle about the woods should be added.
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Add enemies/dungeons Empty Re: Add enemies/dungeons

Post  GM_ODA Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:16 pm

We do not yet have all the usual journal entry driven quests in place here, but there are a fair number of dungeons. Many of these dungeons are hinted at by rumors the NPCs presently in the game can dispense. It is recommended that you spend some time chatting up any NPC you can find and gathering rumors they may have, as these can 'add up' to dungeon finds.

Be patient - this module has more than 400 Areas that are above ground ... hence Gathom accessed - in this short span of time I'm sure you have not visited but a fraction.

Our dungeons are not always easy to find, and there are not monsters in all areas all the time... but it is worth the effort to discover the dungeons and flush out the monsters.

Seek along the roadways by night if you want to find trouble.

Be well. Game on.
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