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Unrest in Tivook

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Unrest in Tivook Empty Unrest in Tivook

Post  DM_Dekkar Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:26 pm

(Will Revise was short on time when writing this)

( All of these accounts are taken from in game occurrences with various players, some of the finer details were kept private to not totally reveal the role-play, as it will have to be discovered in game if you wish to know more, this is more for those that happened to brush on the RP wont be confused. )

For some time there has been an uneasy , but respected agreement between the Hunters Guild and the Druid circle of Tivook, as long as none of the Druid creatures , were-beasts included, do not harm civilized folk, be it human, elf, dwarf, half-ling or any other who recognizes law, the beasts will be left at peace save for the undead. Word however has spread like wildfire of two hunters Richard, and Warrick along with their squad of mercenaries were found dead along the Tivookian forest, noticeable signs of savage bites and claw marks. The predator also had left a threat upon the dead, Richard, aimed towards the hunters stating that he will come for them. The hunters Reaver and Alexandros then entered Dohral and Tivook territory on the hunt for what they now dubed "The White Wolf" (OOcly known as Ajax <-- you do not know this unless you know the PC in char.) After some tracking, and investigating several witnesses they tracked him down and cornered him. During the confrontation the hunters Alexandros, Reaver, Urik, Aylia, Khalik to name a few, and the grandmaster Christoff of the local hunters guild were present. It was a deadly, but quick fight, during which Alexandros Knight Hunter was slain by the white wolf, Khalik the archer was gravley wounded but brought back to strength thanks to the Druid Changling Grace, Urik the dwarven hunter managed to lay the final blow on the wolf after sustaining wounds himself, ending its reign of terror. After the beast was downed Grace managed to bargain for Ajax's life, as she didn't want to witness his body tortured and mutiuliated, Ajax was brought back to strength with Graces power but he awoke in silver chains around his wrists and legs weakening and burning him should he try and transform, The Grandmaster Christoff had him brought to Dohrals dungeons until a tribunal is held on the were-beasts crimes. (To be continued)

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