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Court Resoultion

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Court Resoultion  Empty Court Resoultion

Post  DM_Dekkar Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:51 pm

*A Scribe hired by the Hunters Guild, was told to re-account the events at the court session to the general public.*

Here in written is the interpretations and testimony's of the Guardsmen, Mercenaries, and Hunters present.

Court was held in the grand city of Dohral yesterday under the tribunal of Grandmaster Christoff of the Hunters Guild. The accused Ajax dubbed "White Wolf" stands trial for the murders of Richard a hunter and youngest brother of the Grandmaster himself, and Warrick, Richards mentor and trainer, as well as several paid mercenaries whose duty was to the Guild. Later Ardastia , paladin and chapter-master joined at the side of Grandmaster Christoff - whom agreed her presence and allowed her input and knowledge on the judgement at hand. Christoff questioned the accused with the utmost neutrality possible, attempting to seek the truth. Throughout the questioning the accused would reapidly mock, and coax the Court with taunting and impish behavior. The Court would readdress the accused with precedence in attempts to keep everything civil, later a witness the name of Grace was asked to step forward and speak her peace after the accused accounted his version of what could of happened. The Court accepted her statements and then moved forward, after which the accused again, mocked the court - which the Grandmaster felt necessary to correct the problem personally, he approached the accused and spoke to him, which then suddenly the Grandmaster himself was viciously attacked by the White Wolf. The Beast used his own bonds of silver chain to wrap around the great Grandmasters throat, whom was obviously caught by surprise by such reckless behavior was unable to resist. The beast then dragged the Grandmaster to the left wall where they were quickly surrounded by the Paladin, Guardsmen, Mercenaries and Hunters in the room. The beast would demand they drop their weapons, but they would not, the Grandmaster himself commanded they hold their ground and butcher the beast should he be slain. When then suddenly what would seem like the beast about to attempt to break the Grandmasters neck a great occurrence happened that is unexplainable, but it appears there was a lapse in time and when everyone came too the beast was on the ground stunned and the Grandmaster flew forward whom luckily was caught by his brothern hunters. The beast was quickly surrounded with blades drawn but another, whom was later identified to be Ashanti jumped to the side of the beast with her weapon drawn , threatening any who come near, suddenly the swords were turned on her, and the beast. Finally an unknown voice boomed from behind who caught the attention of the rear guard, later he was identified as Vashan and from reports, appeared to be a very talented Sorcerer. He bargained with the Grandmaster who after a time allowed the mage forward, the mage then used his power to subdue the beast, and spoke to the one known as Ashanti and seemed to calm her a smiggen, she eventually was escorted out along with Grace while the hunters did their work. while the Grandmaster gave the beast a last request. The beast roared and attempted to attack the Grandmaster again, but the mage stunned him, and the Grandmaster trusted his silver bastard sword into the throat of the White Wolf, killing him. Making sure the beast was dead they began preparations to prevent such animistic and violent behavior from happening again amongst the changelings.

(To anyone who was at the event feel free to leave your own version if you wish, or add anything I may of missed)

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