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Dreams of doom and death

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Dreams of doom and death Empty Dreams of doom and death

Post  Valerion Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:46 am

In the hideout, once used to have a look on the temple of the DARK LORD, Adrastia is sleeping in her bed...sleeping...if that is what it can be called, hands grip the sheets, pull on them, rip them apart while her body trashes about, turning around, from one side to the other, cold sweat covering her skin, the wings fold and the feathers ravaged by her movements, surpressed sounds of desperation, cries that barely and almost silent escape her mouth, a nightmare torturing her, a nightmare that haunts her almost every night......let us have a look inside of it.

"And we will have to find every entrance of this vampires hideout, he must not escape...he...the earth trembled...what was that, in the main hall, you two, with me!"

"Ma'm yes Ma'm"

*The main hall is covered in a mixture of green and blue light, emanating from weird [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]doorlike frames in the middle of the hall, right where the altar of Finshi....was...the remnants of it, broken marble, gold, and other materials are covering the surrounding ground as rubble*

//OOC to show the desperation of the dream, underline it with this [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

"What in the name of valor?" *And this was when it started, ten long spearlike thorns out of black....whatever it was, shot out of the gates, piercing the armor of several poor soldiers in their way, nailing them to the higher ends of the walls, lungs filling with blood, dripping out of silent mouths, opening and closing to scream, but only bringing out weak, dieing gargling*

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" *The voice of several men and women rings through the halls, as loud as if enhanced ten times, shouts that ring loud as thunder for some reason, several of them suddenly having blood flowing from out their ears, passing out holding their heads while grimacing in pain*

A screaming and screeching voice, inhuman for sure sounds like tearing flesh through the hall:

"Another world, another victory in the making for our glorious bloodthirst"

*Thurion Nashkel, leutnant of the shining blade leading the main guard into the fight with the creatures coming out of the gates, who fast and without hesitation started killing those still stunned by the shock and those unconcious, big as death and twice ugly, black their skin, shimmering in a way that lets the eye trail off, rampaging towards his troup while he charges them, meeting them only few metres from the gates themselves...and seconds later his head flies through the room landing in front of Adrastias feet, she herself unsheathing her blade, preparing to charge*

*Flesh ripped by claw and teeth, armor torn apart and pierced by fangs as sharp as adamantine daggers, screaming, swords slicing, axes splitting, an orchestra of blood, desperation and death, for every creature who falls two more take their place, and the men become fewer and fewer.*

"TRY TO MAKE FINSHI PROUD!" *Adrastia bellows in the heat of battle, severly bleeding from more than a few injuries already*

"YAAAAAARGH......Stop for noone!......Hurgh....Into the frey! CHAAAAARGE! HJIAAAAARGH....Kill them, kill them all!   TREMBLE BEFORE MY WRATH....Finshi, preserve us!........"

*It was hopeless, metre after metre the shining blade loses ground and lives, unable to hold back the attack that seems to come from all sides*

"Nothing crushes the spirit of our men, all soldiers, ON MY MARK! FOLLOW ME TO GLORY! ATTACK MEN ATTACK!"

"For everyone who falls, ten more will take their place!"

"Here they come again haraarrrrrgh...."


"Show them what we think of scum! Show them the might of terror!"



"What a glorious day to die..."

*Hopeless, the fitting word, half of the entire chapter already dead, they retreat into the cellars, regrouping, the upper levels were taken, half of her friends, half of all those her responsibility was about dead and torn apart*

"To the pathway! We will regroup outside the caves for a counter attack! Mages, prepare yourself, GO GO GO through the stonedoor!"

*As the last of the survivors was through, Adrastia takes one last look back, seeing the corridor filling with those creatures, there and yet not, seen and not a second after forgotten how they looked like, what they were, seen and forgotten in almost the same moment, and then the earth shook, like a giant maw, splitting from the middle of the foundation of the building, stretching out  to it's rim...a wallowing pit swallowing everything that was not outside the rim of the building, all levels collapsing in itself, and gulped down by the very earth down below them, leaving only the outer walls and inside....after calming, only raw earthen floor and a large hall in which one could see the inside of the roof, that was before blocked by the look of the stones forming the floor for the second level of the building...but she did not see any of that, for when the maw opened the terror in the paladins heart was too great to bear and she followed her men outside., the walls of the shining blades Chaptercathedral, their headquarters, painted with the blood of their own men, and a few bodies, remaining nailed to the wall by the spearlike black thorns*

"Chaptermaster, Adrastia! What was that, who, how?!"

"I do not know, regroup men, we will march to Tivook, the lord with give us suppo..."

*Her voice drove off, as she saw, almost like in slow motion, werewolves....dozens of them, crashing out of the underwood of the forest, their tunnel enabled them to flee into the wood area that lies Northwest of their very headquarters...but not from what came in mad ravaging suicidal berserker rage, giant wolves, werewolves, tore through the underwood, and into the loose formation of Adrastias still shocked men and women, the first twelve of them falling instantly, paralyzed by the suprise....the rest, fighting for their lives, bearing silver swords and armor, but it did not matter, although silver the wolves ignored the pain, the searing of their flesh, suicidal was the right word for the rage of those creatures, what was the greatest threat to them, held them back from overwhelming their force in the past, was now ignored...and just drove them wilder in battle.*

"NO NO NOARGH!" ..... Finshi has left us hjiaaghl!......I do not want to diHURGH....MERCY!....FOR FINSHI WE DIE!" *Adrastia was about to thrust her sword into a werewolf that had pinned down her fighter champion of the chapter, when she felt the teeth of the alpha male of this attacking pack piercing through her armor, into her ribcage and fling her high above himself throwing her into the undergrowth where she fell unconcious...while her men were slain like sheep, unprepared and suprised, blood draining the ground that night*

*Then...she wakes up, screaming, in pain, rage and desperation....before plunging her head into her hands, crying, like a little girl...before she wipes away the tears, and starts donning her armor once more...vengeance was waiting, and she was determined to find it*

OOC: All confusion this may cause is intented in writing, those are only brackets of a happening randomly thrown together in a dream, switching and drifting pictures that should simulate chaos. Though if someone finds grammar mistakes, he is friendly allowed to correct them and post a more grammatically correct version below Very Happy
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