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*The dreams of a bard*

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*The dreams of a bard* Empty *The dreams of a bard*

Post  Absol 13 Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:48 am

*aria sat there in her room at Tivook-not sleeping in the barn yet, And Laid down, drifting to sleep-almmost as soon as she did, the nightmares began*

*she stood there,in a forest-the dead bodies of her children at her feet, her body covered in blood, the forest-it was feyview. Everything was covered in blood, the priestess, the altar-Charia~ the tried to run but nothing happened.
"you Are A monster" *the voices of the dead spoke to her, causing her to clutch her head in pain*
" NO-I'm trying to fix it-So this dosnt happen, Please Trust me!"*the Area was spinning around her*
*then, Vrneas body rose and looked at her*" Mommy, why did you kill me? What did I do-

*she woke. Quickly getting up and looking round she saw it was a mess, Books of the floor, glasses broken..The door, covered in.. blood?!*
"what in the hells?, I.. it.. was a dream.. right...-No It WAS a dream.. I... will tame.. this.. power.. waht ever it is.. I will not.. harm others..." *with that she gets to clean her room-A gnawing feeling that its not even gotten bad yet...-The headaches.. the nosebleeds.. It's startng again*

*steeling herself, she goes down at goes to do her job*
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