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A letter to the Mages guild

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A letter to the Mages guild Empty A letter to the Mages guild

Post  Shar Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:18 pm

((The letter though sealed in wax has no heraldic mark and the address is in very poor common as if a great effort was made to inscribe it. The letter itself is in Draconic with a few common words poorly spattered in))

To the head of the guild,
Though i may not be able to join officially due to lack of official citizenship & the nature of my magic. I would like to reach out to you in possible application.

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A letter to the Mages guild Empty Re: A letter to the Mages guild

Post  Animayhem Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:08 pm

A'rys gave the messenger a coin and went to her office to open the letter.
Having knowledge of draconic she was able to read it. She had met Ne and knew he had potential just needed focus. Maybe now that he had a mate and offspring he could focus more.
She knew he was friends  with Etrianna the owner of Tivook in so she wrote a letter in perfect draconic though simple language,sealed it and had a messenger deliver it to the inn.
When Ne opened the letter it would read:

~Draconic~  "Ne'sekoleth,
I feel you would do well. You have much natural talent. I feel if you can control your magic more you will do better around humans. I have taught you the portal spell and the college name so you can come without having to cross paths with humans.

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