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A Letter to the Arcane Masters

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A Letter to the Arcane Masters Empty A Letter to the Arcane Masters

Post  Valerion Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:58 am

*A very simple, plain Pergament arrived with other notes, messages and such at the office of the Arcane masters, simple for the normal eye, but not for that of trained magicians, sealed with a wax seal showing an hourglass with a skull on each side, several magical glyphs written with a rune ink quill hidden for the normal eye are strapped along the sides of the scroll, a spell securing it from being opened by the wrong people, the wail of the banshee.
Although the spell secures it, there are other words written in Draconic above the seal, saying, "Hello old "friend"."*

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A Letter to the Arcane Masters Empty Re: A Letter to the Arcane Masters

Post  Animayhem Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:50 am

A'rys, after she had summoned the guild members, opened the letter which had recently arrived. Cleverly done and was not surprised by whom wrote it. Great having to possibly deal with two loose cannons. Did he know about the actions against Tony? Did Aria say anything. She slipped the note in her desk and no sooner then she did Tony appeared.
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