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What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know?

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What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know? Empty What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know?

Post  Elgate Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:19 pm

Okay, I thought this the best place for this to gather info, before getting a DM stamp of approval.

These characters have been made IG, and are being played by friends of the mother PC's (Aria) Player. As such the players themselves have little control over the character's origins and backstory, only their future development.

Mother (Aria)- Absol
Father (Gr'vrnea)- DM NPC controlled by DM_Darkness/Shar
Vrnea- Elgate
Vhilinya- LadyAloura
Vanhalen- Hacatsu

What I would like confirmation on is what they'd know, been taught/told, or heard and so on from other characters involved in their history, such as:
Nailo, Aria, Grace, Charia, Haven, Ne'sekeloth, The High Priestess of Rhenallathan, Lia, A'rys, and who ever else had contact with them.

Grace is also my character so I'm going to try and say what she would have taught without being too Meta or Over powered:

  • Grace would have tried teaching them some druidic teachings- such as to respect nature, not to kill animals needlessly, that nature is to be admired and feared. Also about the balance of nature- life and death, good and evil. Undead are evil.
  • She might have given information on animals,(E.G. Don't stare into a dogs eyes, it's a challenge, Cat's blink to show affection and contentness, Birds can fly because they have hollow bones), but it's not clear what the kids actually remember.
  • About Deeproot and Nagaelai- not where her shrine is, but what she is godess of.
  • She WOULDN'T have tried teaching the kids fighting techniques or spells.
  • She didn't much like to speak about her lycanthropy, but they would know she was a werebear- just not about lycanthropy.
  • She wouldn't have told them any of her knowledge about secrets of the realm. They were kids, why would they need to know?

Basically, Grace treated them like any children she was helping to babysit. She'd teach them morals she felt was important, and general life skills, but really she felt it was ultimately up to Aria how much the kids were taught about 'the world' (as in the darker sides, or more violent sides, or things most kids don't learn about).

Oh, and right, for the other pup players-
Grace apparently had an interaction with them where they tied her to a tree while she was sleeping, stole honey from her pack, sprinkled it on her and then knocked a bee hive down on her head. >.>

Also link to this forum post: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know? Empty Re: What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know?

Post  Ragdoll_Knight Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:49 pm

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What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know? Empty Re: What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know?

Post  Shar Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:58 pm

Ne'Sekoleth - The kids had "heard of" Ne through Lia and Aria but untill they became PC's they never had any real contact with him (Obviously this was imposible due to them being DMNPC's as kids and me playing Ne. So while they may have see the "dragon man" from afar while they were playing he wouldn't have had any real contact with them at a young age. What they would know about him is totaly dependent on what lia would have said & common knowledge.

Gr'vrnea - Aria kept any real details on him hidden for some time.. so long that she began having nightmares that her children would never know of there real father because of her and how she didn't want them to grow up to be like gnolls. They would know details of him now but some big facts are likely still being kept hidden at the request of aria (you would need to ask them though).

Nailo* - I know that there is some resentment of there foster father as they all felt that he was never there and (especially in van & Vrena's case) made the children feel abandoned as they never truly got to bond.
This would have been made FAR worse at his desire to have children of his own, leaving them to feel unloved and inadequate.

GNOLL LORE: The three would know about the tribe & its ways to some degree as all spent time there as children and were visited by the gnoll shaman. Vrena however felt strongly pulled tword that side and in the end stayed with and joined the tribe after leaving home. She would have the most knowledge of that group and in many ways has assimilated into the gnoll tribe; even becoming the shamans apprentice. Vili has become most accustomed to human culture being the only one able to pass as a full human. Van's whereabouts's are unknown however he tends to stay closer to the gnollish tribe as well... not because he loves it so dearly as Vrena but because he can pass as a full gnoll.

*This is info i know from RP but ask the players of Aria & Nailo for the rest of the story
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What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know? Empty Re: What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know?

Post  Absol 13 Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:14 am

Actually shar, nailo was not like that granted he wasnt around(war and OOC reasons) He loves them as his own, and while he wants his own, he dosnt resent them (most because if he did, Aria might kill him)

~OH and Hac, I can make Van when your read. i'd saay use human as base race, and dont change int(he's was taught properly after all)
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What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know? Empty Re: What would the pups (Vrnea, Vhilinya and Vanhalen) know?

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