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Unexpected events - Tivook AAR

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Unexpected events - Tivook AAR Empty Unexpected events - Tivook AAR

Post  DM_Dekkar Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:20 am


In the late night hours of Dohral and the surrounding region - many of the the common folk lay asleep. But for the adventurers , this could be another surprising opportunity as the wild and magical lands of Argentum Regio has proven time again. A lot of the citizens have grown use to the oddness and often chaotic nature the lands can bring, while those from far lands learn quickly. However, with the rumors ever increasing of the impending war with Leguadrian Republic a lot of people are cautious and on guard, never knowing when the time could finally come. It just so happened that during this late night , several friends decided to get a breath of fresh air outside of the Tivook inn, where most of the adventurers come from to seek new gossip, meet together,  and delve out into the ever changing lands. After a time of jokes, laughter, and catching up - they heard hooves troting steadily along from the western roads of the intersection. Upon glancing out were three men dressed in uniform the likes they had never seen, helmets with horse hair and garb with lavirsh red capes and stylish lightly armored steeds in which they rode upon. As they approached the group of friends , they almost mockingly asked them "Peasants! Is this the way to Dohral?" The one apparently in charge had spoke as he reared his horse to a stop, with his two guardsmen doing the same. A priest named Ander Addams replied and informed the foreigner it was indeed the correct path, while the others scoffed at being called a 'peasant' the three foreigners resumed their way without another word.

They begun to speak amongst themselves trying to figure out who they were, and why they were here. When Jax spoke up and made a statement that they must be the Leguadrians that most of the rumours had been talking about. Their curiosity getting the better of them, Aria, Pyila, Radomir, Jax, Lia, and Ander  all set out after the horsemen - with the idea of following them and learning more of their presence. They realized at the pace they were going, they'd never catch up - so they began to jog and move at a more quicker speed - within a matter of time they certainly did catch up to the traveling foreigners on horseback , they came out from the treeline on an upper hill that looked down to the south towards Dohral. Upon looking down the hill line ahead - they saw two of the foreigners were slain on the side of the road, their horses maimed and the horsemen butcherd. One remained on horseback with the horse rearing back kicking it's hooves against what looked like two Drow, The group quickly realize that the foreigners were ambushed and the last one was in danger so they rushed down and stood on guard to protect him. The Drow scoffed mocking them, with the Horseman foreigner retreating back yelling "The Republic will hear of this!!!". After threats and taunts were issued the Drow after being punched in the face by Jax, used deadly force against him. The fight was quick but brutal, the ranged drow fell quickly to the arrows of Radomir and Pyila and the magic of Lia. While Jax and Ander fought the two blades - the Drow was quick, and stabed Jax several times wounding him rather Severely and wounding Ander to the point where he had to fallback and heal - during the battle the Drow retreated attempting to heal himself with magical potions while being pursued relentlessly especially by Jax. Eventually the others couldn't keep up, but Jax was well on the drows tail and tackled him in a clearing where he soon after transformed into his were form and ripped the drow shadow-blade to pieces.

After the fight, they tried to tend to the fallen foreigners wounds and managed to bring him back from the dead with powerful resurrection magic produced by the Priest of Amaner Ander. Apparently from what the foreigner said, the drow claimed they represented Dohral and attacked them on their behalf, being not to bright he seemed to obviously believe them - but with convincing by the adventurers he reluctantly agreed that it was indeed a ruse and he should inform his Officer who fled about it. Cocky, and proud the foreigner claimed they were messengers delivering terms to Dohral - and that the army was almost into the Humfoo region. He even went so far as exaggerating their numbers to impress the group, After some manipulating they convinced the Foreigner to allow them to escort him back to Tivook so he could safely return and perhaps give the Republic their good faith. During the path they continued to make idle talk, mostly about why the Republic was actually attacking and other random questions which the Messenger remained silent for most - When suddenly seven arrows come from the hillside treeline near the road and impale the foreigner and his horse, knocking him down. Dead once again, and looks like for good given the arrows were coated with some type of substance. The adventurers quickly spread out and climbed after the attackers, while others used their arrows and magic to shoot from the road. They were quickly slain - more drow ambushers  from the treeline behind the road around 15 Drow appeared armed to the teeth and with their banner clearly seen on some of their shields. A Priestess seemed to command them and demanded the group leave and never return to that specific area. After threats and taunts, the Priestess was about to order her group to kill the adventurers when out of no where Aria cast a powerful soul leech spell and by surprise 9 of the drow were killed instantly, including the priestess herself who did not sense the ambush. The survivors fought the adventurers but were quickly brought down, after they secured the area another unexpected surprise had occurred, the one that many know as "The Seer" appeared from a portal onto the field, he quickly walked over to the priestess and spoke "You still owe me, you cannot die yet" With that he resurrected her and ordered her to leave. Angerd - the group asked why he did it.. Only to receive the reply "She still owes me... So I cannot simply let her die.. yet.. Now where is my letter *he looks at Lia specifically*" And with that , instead Aria replied saying that she had the letter copied and has the copy on herself - after trying to convince them more "The Seer" visibly grew tired of asking, as he moved his fingers and hands, he suddenly was engulfed in magical incantations and protections clearly using a strong silent spell. He then began to violently attack the group , summoning powerful magics at quick speed. He even petrified Jax, and mortally wounded most of the others. With only Haven, Aria, and Lia still able to keep up - the Seer lead them on a chase as they battled, he ran into "the cave" near Tivook which many that knew of it, knew it was not an ordinary cave... After a short time The cave began to "come alive" and react to those inside of it, with strange things occuring and powerful halluncinations - even The Seer himself was being attacked but the unstable power the cave had. After numerous skirmishs with Haven who aggressively attacked and pursued the wizard, "The Seer" managed to stop the battle to talk with the group just long enough for him to regain some strength, in which he used "Time Stop" to run as far as he could and retreated out of the cave, leaving the others to it's fate..

Managing to make it out themselves, the rest of the party regrouped at the tivook inn, with alot of them confused, especially by the powerful mage their were alot of questions. But it seemed Aria and Lia had the answers, as they have been dealing with The Seer for a time. And so, goes, a hectic night near tivook...

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