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Tools - Anvil

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Tools - Anvil Empty Tools - Anvil

Post  Eriniel Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:31 am

The Anvil has a number of uses...

Stand nearby to use the standard NWN craft item features (there are a few new items in here, like staffs and gloves)...


Place damaged equitable item inside to repair.


Place shattered item inside and rework (bash) with a Light Hammer, to recover weapon.


Place small item to shatter on the anvil and hit it (bash) with a Light Hammer to shatter - Only works on a few things atm, but they all have uses.


Place a key and an iron band (crafted from iron bar or purchased) in the anvil and tap (bash) with Light hammer to make a copy of the key (Lock Picking or Craft Trap for complex/delicate crafting roll).


POH item version of the Anvil can be used as a trap component for the Anvil Trap.

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