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The Moot: Discussion Thread

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Post  Elgate Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:39 pm

Sorry in delay with posting, was away with family.

I'll be starting the atonements soon. We've got the Priests, just need to get it moving.

Seeing as we have the fey involved, things might get a bit more complicated,with that being a whole 'nother complex faction in play, so I'm having to double check I'm getting things right (Seeing as I'm not a DM and don't have access to the secret lore for druids and fey- I know they have three kings, but I'm not sure about seelie, unseelie, the lesser known fey species and so on. I occasionally throw things at rags and he either nods or shakes his head. We've got a system.)

As a heads up though, people might want to start sending me their Lore, Wisdom, Spot, Fortitude and Will. Twisted Evil  I might need other stats later. Do people terribly mind if I use this dice roller ( )? I can send you the results if you want to double check.  Also, remember to include any bonuses you might get from items like scarab of protections and so (which give universal bonuses to rolls).
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