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A rumor about

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A rumor about Empty A rumor about

Post  Valerion Sun Jul 19, 2015 5:43 pm

...or rather far more than a rumor, the Archmage of Vestalla has been seen in Dohral, followed by a group of massive Golems, carrying giant crates, visiting a lot of shops, whenever a crate was opened, anyone with the ability to sense magic was overwhelmed by the treasures the Archmage was selling to the merchants, why he did it, whenever asked anything, he just smirked and said. "I have my reasons, I want nothing to go to waste, for when I depart".

Does the mighty mage mean his death, is he going somewhere?
Noone knows for sure except maybe a few...for sure is, a LOT of the magical treasurehoard of the Archmage, a lot of things from old adventure times, has been sold to the merchants, THIS is the oppurtunity for anyone to make THE bargain of his life...or unlife.

Reportedly, the Archmage and Lord has visited a cobbler, a jeweler, an armorer, Torallogahns and Nick Friendlies shops.
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