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The Gods hates clerics

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The Gods hates clerics Empty The Gods hates clerics

Post  eve_of_disaster Wed May 05, 2010 1:35 pm

I've been meaning to play a cleric for a very long time now but I've felt it was just too complicated after making Te'lyn one and immediatly running into the "can't-cast-spells-wall".

My original impression is that it requires some menial task you are forced to conform to practicing between each and every spell, or similar - something that requires time and really doesn't add any enjoyment to the character or any real reward besides being able to cast those spells you picked levels for. Eriniel, you said that each spell costs Divine Favor, from some kind of pool I imagine. I've played a little as a cleric but it didn't work out because apparently there is no altar anywhere to the deity I chose, so I couldn't gain any divine favor and thus I couldn't cast any spells either. Praying had a cap to it so I couldn't spam it - and then when I casted my first spell and was meaning to cast a second the god cursed me!

I do think that divine favor is a very good idea but I don't know if it's implemented too harshly or not? I feel that it is, at least the little I experienced of it. My first thought when I heard about it was that it would make clerics more fun to play. But I found it was just a real hassle, at least for me.

It would just feel really useless to sit there in the corner, no favor, no spells, just a stupid mallet and a shield and a curse that won't go away and on top of that the god just dislikes me so I can't even pray to him, while all the rest of the casters are doing whatever they want, enchanting this and that, casting their little cantrips, smugly smiling and laughing my way. I'd be so lonely and useless without my gods favor... Choosing him or her (the god) and doing good work IC in their name just isn't enough... He demands, the system demands that my character sits and prays... Isn't it enough that I have to rest to regain my spells? Why can wizards cast their spells without any study?? It's so unfair... They just level up and gain spells - no requirements to actually get taught by someone or having to read a book. Me on the other hand, who get my powers from my God, I have to spend my RL time just praying at an altar, noone around but a system that requires it, no IC-development or RP just a cutscene that drags on and on, and it's just not enough. He just hates me, wherever he is... And where is his altar? I suppose if I found that it wouldn't be this bad, but there simply isn't an altar to that particular god.

I think that divine favor could be really cool if it gave the clerics an edge and not just made them crappy (which is my impression of it).

And please remove all gods from the pick-menu that don't have an altar in the game - and let us clerics get a map to our deities temple so we know where to go to pray.
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The Gods hates clerics Empty Re: The Gods hates clerics

Post  Ragdoll_Knight Wed May 05, 2010 2:37 pm

people who start as clerics can choose to start the game in the temple to their god/goddess but yes, people need to start knowing where their altar is
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